Behind the Wheel: A Corvette made for cruising

By: Jennifer Sigouin | C&G Newspapers | Published February 14, 2018

ROYAL OAK — Royal Oak resident Tim McDonough’s red 1967 Chevrolet Corvette C2 is in the midst of its annual “winter nap,” but come cruising season, it will be back on the road, just as it has been for nearly four decades. 

Over the years, the car, in one way or another, has been a beloved part of McDonough’s family — even if it wasn’t always in Tim’s possession. 

Tim’s daughter, Sheryl McDonough, of Royal Oak, detailed the car’s history in an email to C & G Newspapers.

 “My uncle purchased this car from a little old lady who kept it in a barn,” she said. “My father fell in love with this car and bought it from him before he married my mother.” 

Sheryl explained that her dad wanted to save money to get married, so her uncle bought the car back from him and “held onto it knowing he’d be back.”

“After my parents were married for a short while, my dad bought it back, and it’s been his baby for almost 40 years,” Sheryl said. “She’s his baby. ... I’m just his daughter.”

Tim said he originally purchased the Corvette from his brother-in-law in June of 1978 for $4,700, and the car has been appraised for $66,500 today. He noted that he was drawn to the way the Corvette’s curves stand out. 

“I love the body style of the C2s,” he said in an email, adding that he’s made several improvements to the car, including a fresh paint job, engine work and an all-new interior. 

For many years, Tim took the Corvette to cruises and car shows — including the Detroit Autorama — as a member of the United Street Machine Association car club. The car won several awards during that time, and Tim made lasting friendships along the way.

“Corvette owners have a camaraderie like no other. It goes beyond the ‘Save the Wave,’” he said, referring to the tradition of Corvette owners waving in recognition when they see another Corvette on the road.

Tim’s friends know that when his garage’s fluorescent “Open” sign is on, they can “stop on in for a cold beverage, car talk and some laughs.” He also created a Facebook group called the United Corvette Association so that he can connect with other car enthusiasts online. He started the group two years ago, and today it has more than 1,800 members.

Tim’s family also shares his love of cars.

“Sheryl, my daughter, was with us at every car show. She too became a favorite at the shows. She was the little kid you would see dancing and singing along to oldies music,” said Tim. “Whenever I would detail the Corvette, she would always ask to help. The job I would always give her would be to shine the chrome.”

Sheryl added that the Corvette continues to bring the McDonough family together today — especially in August, when Tim holds a weeklong party to celebrate the Woodward Dream Cruise.

“Cruising Woodward Avenue was where my parents met. It’s where they fell in love,” said Sheryl. “Each year, the Woodward Dream Cruise is like my family’s Christmas. The love for cars brings so many people together.”

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