Lamphere track coach aims to build strong future

By: Mark Vest | Madison - Park News | Published May 1, 2013

Perhaps the most impressive accomplishments for Madison Heights Lamphere’s track and field team in recent years were the individual state titles won by James Rogers (2007) and Stephen Murphy (2009).

Coach Pat Geraghty would like to see his program reach that level of success again. Aside from merely having it on an individual level, even more importantly, Geraghty is hoping that the Rams can accomplish some big goals as a team.

The Rams were 0-2 overall and in the Macomb Area Conference Silver Division.

“Goals are for the end of the season — our league championship and regionals,” he said. “We always set those as our goals for the year. We work them hard through the season, so at the end of the year when things are most important, they’re (going to) perform their best.”

One of the best ways to achieve the kind of success Geraghty is aiming for can come by way of carrying a large roster. While depth can be a bonus in many sports, track is one in which having it could help separate a program from its league competitors.

Geraghty got a recent example of what kind of difference a large roster can make when the Rams faced an opponent Geraghty considers to be a strong contender in the Silver.

“Marysville — they’re very good,” he said. “At Lamphere, we probably have 60 kids out, and Marysville showed up at our place and beat us very handily. They must have walked in the door with a hundred kids. They got large numbers to draw from. They’ve got kids that have worked hard, and they’re doing well. (St. Clair Shores) Lake Shore is always tough. It’s (going to) be a very competitive division.”

Geraghty said that he “promote(s) heavily” to get students to come out for the track team. Geraghty sees an advantage to track that he thinks is hard to find with some team sports.

“You got nobody to hide behind,” he said. “It’s you. You have to step up for yourself and make it happen or not make it happen. You can’t say, ‘This guy didn’t do that,’ or, ‘That girl didn’t do this.’ It’s like, ok, ‘What did you do today?’ That’s why I like it so much.”

Geraghty said that he has seen an increase in the size of his girls team. Aside from merely adding numbers to the squad, Geraghty indicated that there are athletes on both the boys and girls squads who have talent.

“The number of seniors is small this year, which is boding well for the next few years,” he said, adding that his underclassmen have shown promise. “I’m excited about that. As a coach you’re like, ‘This looks good.’ I’m having fun now, but I can see myself having a lot of fun in a couple years.” At press time.

Up next, Lamphere competes at 4:15 p.m. May 2 against St. Clair Shores Lake Shore at home.