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Clinton Township

Woman torn after daughter’s doll stolen from home

August 26, 2013

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Sara Krauss holds her Cabbage Patch doll, “Baby,” as a child. The Krauss family claims the doll, given to Sara by her now-deceased grandmother, was recently stolen from their garage, and is offering a $1,000 reward for its return.

CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Sherry Krauss had a nagging feeling, and it turned out that her intuition was unfortunately correct.

Krauss was packing items for her daughter, Sara, 21, who was going back to college at the University of Richmond in Virginia. Among the most prized of the possessions was a Cabbage Patch doll given to Sara at birth by her late grandmother, who died from cancer in 1999. In the midst of gathering all the items a college student needs away from home, Krauss put the doll — named “Baby” by Sara — in a black garbage bag that also contained bed sheets, pillows and a bright pink comforter. The bag was placed in the garage.

When Sherry came back outside, she noticed that the bag with Baby was gone, and there was no sign of what happened to it.

Krauss, who lives in the Bridgewood subdivision near 17 Mile and Hayes roads, said the doll was stolen on either Aug. 13 or Aug. 14. She believes Aug. 13, a Tuesday, is more likely because the family had their garage door open for a good part of that day, and she did add that the bag was not accidentally tossed in the trash because she personally disposes of the trash herself.

“(The doll) was a piece of security,” Krauss said. “A love-battered baby doll that was everywhere with (Sara) in her life. It represents home and a time of her life.

“I had a nagging feeling of ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it,’ and it was taken.”

Krauss also filed a police report in Clinton Township on the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 14. Officers told her that she was not the only victim of thefts occurring, and that police said such items are often taken and then sold for profit at events like garage sales.

She said that whoever stole the doll could have taken other items from the garage that were monetarily more valuable, such as her husband’s tools or a projection television.

Krauss added that neighbors saw the black garbage bag, empty, at the end of the street. There are still no real leads as to what happened to the doll, but Krauss said that the community has been extremely helpful and caring.

She said that neighbors have offered similar Cabbage Patch dolls to the family, local businesses have put up fliers in their establishments and Waste Management has even physically searched for the doll. But, as of press time,  there was still no luck.

Yet Krauss has hope and wants others to realize the sentimental value of the doll and how it has crushed her family.

“If you understood the meaning of this doll, it was given to my daughter as a gift from her grandmother who has passed from cancer,” Krauss said. “It represents home, security, comfort and a time she can’t get back.

“As a mother, you are supposed to fix problems, not cause them. I have broken my daughter’s heart.”

The family is offering a $1,000 reward to whoever finds and returns the doll. Contact Sherry Krauss at (586) 823-6794.

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