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West Bloomfield

September 19, 2013

Wedding cake trends explored

By Cari DeLamielleure-Scott
C & G Staff Writer

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Combining a modern flare with tradition, executive chef Gwen Borders of Trifles in West Bloomfield sets the trends with wedding cakes by interpreting a customer’s vision and bringing it to reality.

WEST BLOOMFIELD — The West Bloomfield Township Public Library kicks off its What’s Cooking? program Oct. 3 with a presentation on wedding cake trends by executive chef Gwen Borders of Trifles in West Bloomfield.

The What’s Cooking? Committee, which is a group of volunteers and Friends of the Library, hosts events four times a session in the main meeting room.

“They really try to get local chefs or restaurants to pull a local interest for all their programs,” said Mary Killian, the library’s main branch manager.

Borders owns Trifles, which used to be located in White Lake and will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of its opening in West Bloomfield in November.

“I’ve been making the types of wedding cakes like you would typically see on ‘Cake Boss’ and ‘Ace of Cakes’ since before those shows came,” Borders said.

As an executive chef, she has delivered to the top venues in metro Detroit, she said.

“She is really an expert at wedding cakes,” said Charlotte Jones, who is in charge of the What’s Cooking? Committee. “She is going to talk about the trends for young ladies getting married these days, in terms of cakes, food and desserts offered at a wedding.”

The What’s Cooking? programs begin at 7 p.m. and last until 8:30 p.m. Registration is not needed; however, because presentations are heavily attended, the library suggests arriving a half hour early.

“Usually, the chef will talk for an hour, and then we have time for questions. No matter who the speaker is, they always have to bring food. That is a requirement,” Jones said, laughing.

In a preview of her presentation, Borders explained that people are trending back to beautiful, approachable, tone-on-tone buttercream cakes. Today’s brides are also going for a romantic look and are opting for cake toppers.

Borders will also highlight the history of wedding cakes and how cultures use them.

“Traditions with weddings and trends, that’s the thing that carries down from generation to generation. Even though we’re all American and modern with 2013, there is a place to bring out tradition — it’s at a wedding,” Borders said.

The second program will take place Nov. 21 and feature chefs from Henry Ford Hospital’s Demonstration Kitchen. The subjects are vegetarian holiday cooking and gluten-free baking.

You can reach C & G Staff Writer Cari DeLamielleure-Scott at cdelamielleure@candgnews.com or at (586)498-1093.