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Top cookie seller shares achievement with fellow Girl Scouts, family

July 18, 2012

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Senior Girl Scout Kyla Wright, 15, of Southfield, sold 5,419 boxes of cookies this year, earning the top spot out of more than 23,600 local Girl Scouts in Southeastern Michigan.
Wright poses with her mother and troop leader, Ninotchka Wright, after working together to sell the most cookies this year. The Wrights are part of Troop 40393.

SOUTHFIELD — Family, friends, church, school, work, friends of friends, door to door, Facebook, Twitter, even the produce aisles of Kroger.

When Southfield Senior Girl Scout Kyla Wright, 15, is on a mission to sell cookies, there’s no outlet she won’t pursue.

“Basically, I network with everyone I know. Any mode of communication I’ve pretty much used,” Wright, an incoming freshman at Renaissance High School, said. “It’s kind of like a job.”

After several years coming in second and third place in the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan Cookie Program, Wright finally secured the No. 1 spot in sales this year, out of more than 23,600 local girls.

But, her journey toward selling 5,419 boxes wasn’t done single-handedly, and most importantly, her celebration now that she’s finally reached the top isn’t without the people who matter most to her.

“My mom is my biggest fan — we go every weekend to Kroger and she’ll be with me, I’ll be on one side of the church selling cookies and she’ll be on the other,” Wright explained about her mother, Ninotchka Wright, who is also her troop leader for Troop 40393.

“It’s a family effort, it always has been,” Ninotchka Wright, a former Girl Scout herself, said. Kyla added that when they go out to sell, she’d wear her uniform while her mother wears her leader vest.

“We work together, and she helps me ultimately reach my goals,” Wright said.

To complete the family affair, Wright said her grandmother is where the sales determination stems from.

“She’s there with my every stop of the way. She’s hard working and has the spirit of a 15-year-old,” Wright said with a giggle.

“She’s one of the people that keeps me motivated, and when I get down, she tells me, ‘No, come on, get back up and we’ll go back out there.’ I’d do well without her, but with her, I do better.”

Wright can’t forget her fellow Girl Scouts, either, who provide her with support and a little healthy competition to give it some edge.

Chris Keelean, product sales specialist for GSSEM who handles the cookie sales, said that the girls always push each other, and Wright’s achievement is the embodiment of that motivation.

“I think she’s been inspired by some of the other girls who were top sellers when she was younger. She wanted to achieve what they wanted to achieve, and now she has,” Keelean said. “She sets goals, and that’s one of the key things about her.”

Wright, who has been a Girl Scout 10 years now, remembers when she first found a fellow Girl Scout to look up to, just a few years ago, helping her set the goal to continually break her own selling record.

“There were two girls who were always in first and second place, and they were three and four years older than me. The girl who always got the second highest, well we got to know each other on one of our (troop’s) mystery trips and started talking about strategies,” Wright explained. “She gave me tips because she said when she went off to college, she wanted me to have footsteps to follow.”

And Wright has followed in those footsteps, arguably even setting her own path to being a leader who keeps a determined mindset and humble spirit.

“I hope to mentor someone, too, and give them a chance to be the (top seller),” Wright said, explaining that sharing these experiences with her fellow Girl Scouts is one of the things that matter most to her.

In fact, Wright shared her own victory with the troop, finding out how many boxes she had sold from December through May at the Cookie Banquet this spring.

“I didn’t want to know how many I sold. I told my mom not to tell me (during the selling season). I wanted to share the experience of finding out with my fellow Girl Scouts,” she said. “And when I did (find out), I was in complete awe. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to scream or something. I was really excited.”

In fact, Wright shared her own victory with the troop, finding out how many boxes she had sold from December through May at the Cookie Banquet this spring.

Wright got a standing ovation that day, and said she remembers most the feeling she got when the younger Daisies and Brownies were coming up to her, asking for pictures.

“I felt so special that they were asking me that and understood what I was doing was a good thing,” she said. “Some girls my age are out doing negative things, but I want to be positively influencing other girls.”

Wright, along with the other top four sellers in Southeastern Michigan, collectively sold more than 17,000 boxes of cookies, helping to raise more than $8 million for GSSEM this year.

With a successful selling season completed, it’s time for troops across the region to celebrate — Wright’s troop will be heading on a cruise from Florida to Cozumel, Mexico, in less than two weeks.


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