Teens charged in break-in

By: Linda Shepard | Rochester Post | Published March 27, 2013

ROCHESTER HILLS — Two Oakland Township teens have been charged with felonies in connection with a recent home invasion in which jewelry and electronics were stolen.

According to Lt. Stephen Jacobs of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office’s Rochester Hills substation, the suspects broke into the home in 1700 block of Ridgecrest, south of Dutton Road and east of Brewster Road, sometime before the early evening of March 18.

The home was empty when the suspects entered by breaking one of the house’s rear windows, Jacobs said. The home’s residents discovered the break-in when they returned to the house that evening.

Oakland Township residents Bradley Borkosky, 17, and James Kemp, 18, were arraigned March 23 before a magistrate at 52-3 Court in Rochester Hills. Both were charged with felony home invasion. According to Jacobs, both will be tried as adults.

According to FBI Uniform Crime Reporting statistics, there were 2 million burglaries in the United States in 2011.

The risk of being burglarized can be reduced by making a home more difficult to enter and less enticing to would-be burglars. According to Jacobs, people should make homes look occupied and difficult to break into by using motion-sensitive lights on a home’s exterior and installing deadbolt locks on all outside doors.

Garage doors, exterior doors and windows should always be locked, even when residents are home, Jacobs said. If  windows are opened, a locking device will prevent them from being fully opened. Special track locks can be installed on sliding glass doors and windows. Leave the lights on when you leave the house, Jacobs said.

If you are away from your house for an extended period of time, connect lights to automatic timers. Make sure valuables in the house are not visible from the street, concealing items with blinds and drapes, Jacobs said.

Trim trees and shrubs near doors and windows to reduce hiding places close to the home, and if you are going on vacation, arrange for mail and newspaper pickups and lawn mowing. If you see a car or someone loitering around homes in your area, call the police, Jacobs said.

Attorneys for Borkosky and Kemp could not be reached by press time.