Shelby approves 2017-23 capital improvement plan

By: Sarah Wojcik | Shelby - Utica News | Published September 11, 2017

SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Since 2012, Shelby Township has annually approved a seven-year, large-purchase capital improvement plan to prevent drastic swings in the general fund and allow department heads to prepare for impending costs.

This year, the capital improvement plan includes 99 projects with an approximate cost of $46 million, Township Planner Glenn Wynn said. The newest and most expensive item is a new Community Center building for a proposed $9 million in 2019.

Wynn, along with Financial Director Allan McDonald and Township Assessor Matt Schmidt, reviewed the capital improvement projects submitted by department heads at the end of February and the beginning of March. The committee of three ranked each project based on established criteria as urgent, important or desirable.

To be classified as a capital expenditure, a project must involve a physical asset with a useful life of five years and a cost that exceeds $10,000.

“That typically involves building improvements, land purchases, park improvements, utility extensions and equipment purchases as well,” Wynn said.

In June, the Planning Commission reviewed the list to make sure the bigger projects conformed with the master plan. After that, the department heads, CIP Committee and Board of Trustees came together during a work session to fine-tune the plan, and ultimately the board approved it July 18.

“Approval of the capital improvement plan doesn’t authorize any expenditure of those dollars,” Wynn said. “Each department will come back … so (the board has) another opportunity to review these (expenditures). We think it’s a very effective process.”

McDonald said other “biggies” on the list this year include the construction of a new district court building, which has been a topic of discussion for years, for $4.5 million; the construction of Fire Station No. 5 that was finished this year for $920,000; and the relocation of Fire Station No. 4 for $2 million.

“We’ve got the usual road repairs in the CIP, the different water main loops that the DPW submitted, the bike path projects going on that are all pretty much funded by grants,” McDonald said. “It’s a lot of the same biggies (as previous years).”

Some of the proposed road improvement projects include adding mast arm replacements along the M-59 reconstruction route for $194,067 in 2017; resurfacing 21 Mile Road from Schoenherr to Romeo Plank roads for $100,000, and resurfacing 22 Mile Road from Hayes to Schoenherr roads for $350,000 in 2019-23; and widening Schoenherr Road from 23 Mile to 26 Mile roads in 2027 for $3.5-$5.75 million.

“(The CIP) gives us a ballpark of what we’re looking at the next several years,” McDonald said. “Ultimately, the (official fiscal year budget will be) up for approval in December.”

Supervisor Rick Stathakis said the CIP process wouldn’t be a success without the township employees, department heads and board members coming together and doing their part.

“It’s one of the most important initiatives we have here in Shelby Township,” Stathakis said.

To view a list of the all capital improvement plan projects, visit, click on “Government,” then “Board of Trustees Agenda” and choose the “Agenda Packet” link for the July 18 meeting.