School board officers selected

By: April Lehmbeck | Grosse Pointe Times | Published February 5, 2014

GROSSE POINTES — The Grosse Pointe Public School System Board of Education gave its nod of approval to the work that President Joan Dindoffer and Vice President Daniel Roeske did in those two top leadership roles by voting Jan. 27 to keep them in those positions.

“Thank you very much,” Dindoffer said. “It’s been my honor to serve as president this past year, and I promise to work faithfully with the entire board in the upcoming year.”

Every year, the school board votes on its officers for the next year. The board voted on those positions during its Jan. 27 meeting.

Judy Gafa, previously the board treasurer, was selected as the new secretary and Brian Summerfield, previously a board trustee, was chosen as the new treasurer.

“He has a good financial background,” Gafa said of Summerfield. “I think he’d be a good person to fill that role.”

“Congratulations to all, and those who are not officers will have important roles on committees and other board business,” Dindoffer said after all officers were chosen. “Thank you to everyone who’s serving on the board.”

Following the selection of officers, the board conducted another annual event by publicly stating what their plans are for their compensation for service on the school board.

“The board members are entitled to up to $30 per meeting as compensation but may choose to decline it or direct the funds,” Dindoffer said.

Roeske and Dindoffer stated that they did not wish to take compensation for their service.

Others wanted to donate their compensation.

“I’d request that any compensation be directed to the Parcells instrumental program,” Trustee Tom Jakubiec said.

Summerfield asked for his compensation to be used for the Defer Elementary “One School, One Book” program, and Gafa said that she will be using hers toward The Family Center of Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods.

Trustee Cindy Pangborn said she was once again planning to accept her compensation, adding that she’s unsure why they have to declare it. She doesn’t want someone to shy away from serving if they might need to accept the money to pay for something like babysitting for their young children while they attend a meeting.

“I would hate to see somebody not take money out of embarrassment,” she said.

Board Trustee Lois Valente was excused from the meeting.