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Pastor sees success online

September 25, 2013

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Pastor Henry Gusa sits on the set of his Faith Friday television program, which airs on The Godly Network’s Web-based television channel on Fridays. Gusa’s program was one of the highest performing shows on the network, drawing viewers across the globe.

EASTPOINTE — From a young age, Henry Gusa knew he wanted to go into the ministry.

Now, the 34-year-old pastor reaches people across the world through his Internet television program, Faith Friday, on the online television multi-channel hub The Godly Network (TGN).

“We put him on our independent television network and placed him on TV,” said Roger Mills, owner of TGN and executive producer of Faith Friday. “He’s cleaning house. He had people watching from all over the world.”

Mills said that according to Google Analytics, Gusa’s show was the highest-rated program on the network, with viewers in the U.S., U.K, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, Finland, Cyprus and France.

In its time slot — 3 p.m. on Friday — Faith Friday held 35 percent of the viewership of the 18 TGN channels, according to “The Roger Mills Show” Facebook page.

“We were blown away on how this kid has caught on,” Mills said. “He’s on the ministry, talking about love and hope and doing the right thing.”

Gusa said he originally felt called to enter the ministry when he was around 7 or 10 years old, and when he was old enough, he entered the seminary and went to school to be ordained, which he accomplished in February.

He said he knew Mills already and ended up getting involved in the ministry with the Prophetic Outpour Church in St. Clair Shores and the television production through Mills. Mills added that Gusa’s formal training was done at the production studio in St. Clair Shores.

“Besides speaking at the church on Sundays, we also tape our shows on Sunday right in front of the congregation,” Gusa said. “We want to reach out and help people, because there are so many people who are hurting.”

Gusa said he has taped six episodes, and as of Sept. 17, three had aired. He has already been getting feedback from all over the world through email and phone calls, he said, adding that it has been basically all positive comments.

Going forward, Gusa said he wants to get more guests on his show. He said Mills has more than two decades of experience with television and has been giving him interviewing training and advice for the program.

“He’s been very influential,” Gusa said. “When it comes to my programming, I’m going to have different guests on it, and people who can be an inspiration and encouragement to people.”

Outside of his show on TGN, Gusa said he works part-time, ministers on Sundays, and continues to go to school. In the long run, he wants to get his word out there.

“What I really want to do is be able to reach the hurting youth. And not just them, but also all those who are hurting and need to be reached,” he said.

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