Pair of town center residents defend fired architect

By: Robert Guttersohn | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published April 3, 2013

MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Two Town Center residents used the March 27 Board of Trustees meeting to air their disapproval of the board’s firing of the former Town Center architect.

Barb Tomaszewski, a resident of the area bound by 24 Mile and 25 Mile roads on the northern portion of the township, said the township has forgotten about its Town Center residents.

“I just want this board to kind of remember us residents of Macomb Town Center because this is the second time we feel we’ve been shocked with the changing of architects again,” Tomaszewski said during the public comments meeting. Alfred Castillo, another Town Center resident, joined her at the meeting.

The board, at the March 13 meeting, hired a new architect, Patrick Meagher of the firm Community Planning and Management, to oversee the building of homes in the Town Center and fired, for a second time, architect John Dziurman.

According to the master plan, the Town Center is to be filled with Victorian style homes. To ensure the houses were built accurate to history, the township hired Dziurman, who oversaw the project initially. But residents of the Town Center at that time complained that Dziurman was too strict. So the board fired him for the first time. When Leone Construction purchased the Town Center in 2010, they began to build homes that did not fit the style called for in the master plan. Residents complained and, last year, the board rehired Dziurman to oversee any further construction.

The board fired Dziurman earlier this March because officials said he was not able to calm the tension in the Town Center like they believe Meagher will.

But Tomaszewski claimed that Dziurman was already reaching a middle ground in the design of the homes.

“We are finally turning the corner,” she said after the meeting. “The homes are looking better.”

Tomaszewski said the residents are left in the dark on most matters, and when she calls township Supervisor Janet Dunn, her phone calls are not returned — a claim Dunn refuted.

“You were contacted by my office through the building department,” Dunn said to Tomaszewski during the meeting. “You were instructed that you know as much as we know.”

After the meeting, Trustee Dino Bucci backed up Dunn.

“She knows how important (calling residents back) is,” Bucci said of Dunn. “Don’t forget, she was here a million years as the assessor and dealt with the public all the time.”