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June 19, 2013

One million math problems strong

By Maria Allard
C & G Staff Writer

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Emerson Elementary School students in Fraser completed 1 million math problems over the course of the 2012-13 school year using the web-based math program IXL.

FRASER — Just before the end of the school year, students at Emerson Elementary in Fraser Public Schools completed a total of 1 million math problems using the web-based math program known as IXL math during the 2012-13 school year.

The school made it to the 1 million mark, averaging about 2,700 math problems per student for the year. With each FPS student receiving an iPad this year, the students were able use their iPads anytime at home or school.

“Our students now have 24-hour access to practice math skills ranging from pre-kindergarten to eighth-grade algebra and geometry. IXL became a part of their daily math workshop, but students also earned extra hours at home,” Emerson Principal Sam Argiri said in a prepared statement. “This is a learning opportunity our students didn’t have in the past, truly extending their math practice beyond the walls of the school.”

Students throughout the district turned in their iPads before school broke for the summer. According to school officials, the Emerson students will still have access to their IXL accounts from a home computer or personal device.

The top math students were fifth-grader Tom McNelis, with 162 skills proficient; first-grader Austin Kruzel, with 148 skills proficient; second-grader Hannah Ritchey, with 147 skills proficient; kindergarten student Mason Woodring, with 138 skills proficient; sixth-grader Aron Geml, with 137 skills proficient; fourth-grader Jacob Keuning, with 130 skills proficient; sixth-grader Amber Augusti, kindergartner student Brody Gray and fifth-grader Rachel McMenamin, with 128 skills proficient each;  kindergarten student Noah Cracchiolo, with 125 skills proficient; second-grader Alex Keuning, with 124 skills proficient; and  first-grader Garrett Sullivan, with 123 skills proficient.

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