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OLake Radio winds up first semester, ready for more

May 8, 2013

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St. Mary’s Preparatory junior Sean Foe, left, and junior Matteo Matheny make a podcast announcement May 1 after school.

ORCHARD LAKE — Many high school students cannot readily say that they’ve created an afterschool program that draws a steady stream of listeners.

But St. Mary’s Preparatory junior Sean Foe can — especially since he turned his multimedia vision into an afterschool radio podcast that has been operating since January.

As the semester winds to a close, the final podcast of OLake Radio will run May 13. Foe, station manager and founder, said the seventh episode is a milestone because it will showcase how far the 10-member group has come.

“I’ve just had a blast doing it,” he told C & G recently. “So I’m hoping within the next few years I will be able to come back and see that it has grown. I’m hoping this is something that lasts at St. Mary’s. I’m hoping it will grow.”

The group meets weekly to produce Monday episodes, which run on the school’s website and on iTunes through a free subscription program.

“We find a medium between stories and songs so everybody can listen,” he said. “We talk about what is going on around the world and campus, and if we have good idea for story, (we) go with it.”

Foe said that between 40 and 80 people listen to the biweekly Internet podcasts, which discuss sports, technology, school-related topics and more. 

The next episode is scheduled for sometime in August, and a class may be added in the school’s curriculum. 

Director of bands and radio facilitator Joshua James said the school’s music technology class dabbled in podcasting several years ago, and it is a positive thing for the school to have a budding podcast radio interest.

“We have since gotten away from it because of class size and interest,” James said. “And when I brought that up to Sean and with his interest he said, ‘Let’s bring that back.’”

James said he submitted a radio class curriculum to the school district, and about 14 students signed up for the class — a minimum of about eight students is required.

“Our decision will be made by May 9,” he said.

Waterford junior Matthew Gold said he took an interest in the podcast club after his friend, Foe, asked him.

“I record stories, more about technology and movies, and just brainstorm (for story ideas),” he said. “Editing is my favorite part. It can take a long time. Our first episode took 10 hours.”

Gold, who joined in January, said he can tell that his editing skills have grown.

“I have a better understanding of how radio works,” he said. “It is a lot different than I thought it would be.”

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