New signs installed throughout Eastpointe

By: Bria Brown | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published June 14, 2017

EASTPOINTE — Residents are starting to see new signs appear throughout the community welcoming them to Eastpointe and directing them to important buildings within the city.

The city’s Facebook page posted photos of the new signs May 25 with a status stating, “Have you noticed? New city signs are being installed throughout the community. Hope you like.”

Eastpointe City Manger Steve Duchane spoke to the Eastsider June 8 about the signs.

“The concept and principle of wayfinding is, you add an attractive element to signs that direct people consistently throughout the community. The people can rely on them, and it creates a sense of place about the location. They’re consistent, they look about the same, they carry information on where to go and where things are at — more than where you are just presently,” he said.

According to Duchane, the signs throughout Eastpointe needed to be updated.

“We needed to upgrade a number of signs due to age and appearance, and to enhance this way was a more contemporary way to do it,” said Duchane.

Eastpointe is known for the slogan “a family town”; however, some residents were confused with the language on the new signage. Now the signs read, “The gateway to Macomb County.”

In a response to the city, Eastpointe resident Annie McGee wrote on the city’s Facebook page May 25, “No more family town? Now we’re the gateway to Macomb County?”

The Facebook post had 16 shares, more than 30 comments and 148 likes as of June 9.

Duchane said Eastpointe didn’t have signs in the past that said, “A family town.”

He said that the city put up the wayfinding signs around Eastpointe.

“They’re up and going, and they present the major entrances, the downtown area and being directed to other things. We have a lot of good stuff there. They are also in front of the city facilities, and also give direction to key things in the community,” he said. 

Eastpointe street signs are still being replaced, and old ones can be bought.

“As the old ones are being taken down, they’re still available if there is a donation made to the local road fund, which people can do through (Eastpointe) City Hall,” he said.

For more information on old street signs, call Eastpointe City Hall at (586) 445-3661.