Mayor’s website accepts donations to ‘fight this recall effort’

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published March 26, 2012

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels has launched a counter attack on the recall efforts against her as part of her new website.

On her site,, Daniels entreats supporters to join her against the “small group of citizens who have filed a petition attempting to remove me from office after only four months into my first four-year term” and donate to “help me fight this recall effort,” making checks payable to Committee to Elect Janice Daniels. The site states that the committee has paid for the website.

It lists a phone number people can call to hear a recorded message, which states, in part, that “it is the understatement of the century to say things didn’t start out exactly as I had planned, but I believe the majority of Troy residents are fair-minded people.”

The site also contains a timeline page listing events and church services that Daniels has attended, as well as students, residents, and business and other leaders she has met with since she took office Nov. 14, 2011. It includes a gallery of photos taken of elected and appointed city leaders at the March 14 South Oakland Mayor’s Dinner at the Somerset Inn. Daniels’ dinner speech at the event is also posted on the site. The city of Troy funded the dinner, but not the photographer.

A letter mailed to residents and posted on Daniel’s website sparked comment at the March 19 City Council meeting.

Former Mayor Louise Schilling said that the letter, which lists bullet points of accomplishments that have taken place in the last few months — and includes mention of Open Troy, described as “the city’s website portal that lists the city’s check register, purchasing contracts, salaries and benefits and collecting bargaining agreements” — is a misrepresentation and an example of a pattern of deceptive behavior.

“The dashboard has been up on the (city) website before Mayor Daniels took office. It was the addition of Open Troy… that was added. The wording makes it sound like the whole thing was an idea of the present council, which is a misrepresentation,” she said.

Schilling said the statement in Daniels’ letter listing the restoration of 24-hour snow removal as a recent accomplishment was something the previous council did last fall, before Daniels took office.

Schilling also said that many of the future goals outlined in Daniels’ letter were things that previous city councils and city employees have been working toward for years.

“I feel these items should be corrected,” Schilling said.

However, in reference to the letter, resident Ray Watts said “I don’t see the word ‘I,’ but it’s ‘we’ and ‘our,’” during public comment at the March 19 council meeting. “You’re not taking credit that I can tell for these things; it’s for the past several months, and it reaches back to the previous council as well.”

When Daniels was asked March 23 how she would respond to charges she misrepresented information in the letter, she said she’s working to help a business owner, see if a street can be widened and making a presentation on transparency in government March 24. “I’m not going to be distracted by speculation or opinions of people in terms of what I’ve written, what I’m doing or what I’ve done,” she said.