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Man taken into custody without incident after bomb threat

May 20, 2013

WARREN — Warren police found booze and pills but no bombs when they responded to a bomb threat at the Suez Motel on Eight Mile west of Ryan May 17.

According to Detective Sgt. Stephen Mills, a 45-year-old man from Willis, Mich. called 911 to say he had a room at the motel “wired to blow” at about 8 p.m.

A police negotiator was sent to the scene along with patrol officers who cleared the area of people with the assistance of motel management as members of Warren’s Special Response Team assembled.

“The negotiator began speaking with the person and the phone disconnected,” Mills said. “He called back again. They negotiated for a while and eventually they moved in and took him into custody with incident.”

No bombs or weapons were found in the room but police reportedly recovered a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whiskey, and the man’s framed high school equivalency certificate.

Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green was at the scene and said the man, who had prior contact with the Warren Police Department, was taken into custody and sent for a psychiatric evaluation.

“Obviously it caused quite a big concern. That’s why we have a Special Response Team,” Green said. “They came in. After a couple hours it kind of looked like, the phone conversations, he seemed pretty intoxicated or high. After he quit answering the phone in the room and quit answering his cell phone, there was a pretty good guess he passed out. At that time we decided to make an entry into the room. We found him semi-conscious.”

Making a false bomb threat is a felony punishable by up to four years in prison.

“We treat this matter seriously and we’ll gather all the facts and present it to the prosecutor’s office for a decision,” Mills said.

The man’s name was not released pending a decision on charges.

About the author

Staff Writer Brian Louwers covers the cities of Warren and Center Line. He has worked for C & G Newspapers since 1998 and is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. In his free time, he participates in the Michigan State University Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program and conducts interviews with military veterans for the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress.


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