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Man arrested for armed robbery

December 14, 2012


ROSEVILLE — A Detroit man is being held at Macomb County Jail on felony charges stemming from an armed robbery in a parking lot at Masonic and Gratiot.

Police said 22-year-old Alexander Minor attacked the manager of a Roseville business, as the manager was preparing to drop off a bank deposit at approximately 8 a.m. Dec. 9. He is charged with two felony counts: armed robbery, which carries up to a life sentence, and felony firearm, a two-year sentence.

“The manager had the money for a bank deposit and was walking through the parking lot toward his vehicle,” said Deputy Chief Don Glandon of the Roseville Police Department. “Once at the vehicle, the manager was approached by the suspect, who demanded that he be given the money.”

Police said Minor then struck the victim with a glass bottle and displayed a gun.

“Our suspect had no qualms about using force,” Glandon said. “He didn’t even give the victim a chance to comply. The suspect started attacking him immediately, and our victim had no choice but to fight back and defend his life.”

Despite receiving injuries from the blow, the victim fought back well and was able to disarm his attacker. After being disarmed, police said Minor fled the scene, heading eastbound on foot across the parking lot.

At the scene, police spoke with a witness who observed the incident and reported that the suspect got into a vehicle parked nearby. The vehicle was described as a red and tan Dodge Dakota pickup truck with a cap over the bed.

Using this information, a description of the suspect and evidence left behind at the scene, police were able to identify Minor as their suspect. They arrested him at his workplace — near Macomb Mall, located on the northwest corner of Masonic and Gratiot, kitty-corner from where the incident took place — less than 12 hours after the attack occurred.

Minor had cash on him at the time of his arrest, but police were unable to verify if it was from the bank deposit.

“It wasn’t a stack of bills rubber-banded together,” Glandon said. “It could have just been day cash.”

Whether or not it was taken from the stolen bank deposit and the whereabouts of the stolen money are still unclear.

“We are still investigating,” Glandon said. “We aren’t saying he had an accomplice, but it is a possibility that we are looking into. The suspect had information on the business. Most businesses make their cash deposits at the end of the day, but this one makes theirs in the morning, and he was aware of that. We are looking into how he knew that, as well.”

Minor was arraigned in 39th District Court in Roseville Dec. 11. Bond was set at $500,000 cash surety. He is scheduled for a preliminary exam in Roseville at 8:15 a.m. Dec. 19. There was no record of an attorney for Minor, as of last week.

According to the police report, the victim suffered minor injuries, as a result of the incident, saying he sought out medical attention on his own. Police did not release his name or the name of the Roseville business where he works, but they did pass along a statement from him saying that he did not want to comment on the incident at press time.

Glandon said the situation could have turned out much worse, and that usually the department doesn’t recommend attempting to disarm a robber.

“It worked out well for him, but unfortunately, you hear a lot of stories that go the other way,” he said. “We usually tell people, ‘It’s just money, it’s just property, it can be replaced.’ The biggest thing is to get out of the situation. However, our victim wasn’t given the chance to comply with the suspect’s demands, and he had to do what he could to protect himself in the attack.”

“I wouldn’t want to see someone lose their life for a piece of property. The best thing you can do in many of these types of situations is to be the best witness you can be and get a good description of the suspect and a license plate number, if possible.”

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