Looking Back: Mount Clemens Volunteer Fire Department

Mount Clemens - Clinton - Harrison Journal | Published July 30, 2014

From Kim Parr, Director of the Macomb County Historical Society & Crocker House Museum

The Volunteer Fire Department of Mount Clemens enjoyed an outing with the Pagoda Band on July 28, 1909. Mr. George Dankers, who played with this band, is holding the French horn. This photograph most likely shows this group of people on their way to the Pagoda Springs. It was the first of the natural surface springs to be developed for tourist trade. It opened in 1891 at the north-east corner of Dickinson at the Clinton River. People gathered there to drink plain or carbonated spring water; the bottles were nicknamed “Little ‘Pody.’” It was known to be good for liver complaint and stomach trouble. The Pagoda Springs building looked like a beautiful Japanese pagoda and was a great place to socialize and be entertained by the Pagoda Band. Notice the Interurban railway car up in the background. This railway ran between Detroit and Port Huron, dropping off day visitors in Mount Clemens to enjoy the mineral baths, natural spring water sites and the many entertainments available in this fine city.