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Huntington Woods

Locations, art pieces decided for local Inside|Out program displays

June 19, 2013

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“Savoy Ballroom,” by Reginald Marsh, will be displayed at Scotia Park in Huntington Woods as part of the Detroit Institute of Arts’ Inside|Out program this summer. The DIA takes reproductions of several works of art inside the museum and places them outside in neighboring communities for residents to enjoy.
“Reading the Story of Oenone,” by Francis Davis Millet, will be displayed at the Huntington Woods Public Library.

HUNTINGTON WOODS — The Detroit Institute of Art’s Inside|Out program is coming to several cities along Woodward Avenue, and now residents can find out where to see the pieces of art.

It was announced earlier this year that the Inside|Out program would be coming to Berkley, Huntington Woods and Pleasant Ridge during the summer session, which runs from July to September.

The exact dates of installation and when the program will end have not been announced, but Huntington Woods and Pleasant Ridge city officials have decided where to place the five pieces they will receive.

In Huntington Woods, “Savoy Ballroom,” by Reginald Marsh, will be on display at Scotia Park; “Reading the Story of Oenone,” by Francis Davis Millet, will be at the Huntington Woods Public Library; “A Woman,” by Amedeo Modi-gliani, will be at Gordon L Hassig Senior Park; “The Recitation,” by Thomas Dewing, will be at Mary Kay Davis Park; and “Watson and the Shark,” by John Singleton Copley, will be up at Rackham Golf Course.

In Pleasant Ridge, “Self Portrait,” by Paul Gauguin, will be displayed at City Hall; “Nut Gatherers,” by William Bouguereau, will be at the community center; “Luncheon with Figures in Masquerade Dress,” by Jean Francis De Troy, will be at Cork Wine Pub; “Bank of Oise” by Vincent van Gogh will be at Gainsboro Park; and “Piazza San Marco” by Canaletto will be at Memorial Park.

Anne Hage, the Huntington Woods Public Library director, was the one who applied for Huntington Woods to be part of the Inside|Out program and helped select the locations.

“In Scotia Park, we have concerts that run from June to August and we get a lot of people there to see those, so I thought it would be a good location, and the ballroom piece is a party like the concerts,” Hage said. “The one at the library is a woman reading, so I felt that was appropriate, as well. I wanted the pieces to reflect the area they were placed at.”

Huntington Woods will host a ribbon-cutting at 6:45 p.m. July 2 at Scotia Park for the exhibit and will be part of a bike tour with Pleasant Ridge at 6 p.m. Sept. 8 in which residents can visit four pieces from each city, starting at Gordon L. Hassig Park.

The DIA’s Inside|Out program, now in its fourth year, takes reproductions of nearly 80 artistic pieces inside the DIA and places them out in streets, parks and other public places in communities neighboring Detroit. The pieces must be placed outside, and the DIA and cities try to make sure all pieces are within walking or biking distance of each other so they can be easily accessible.

Hage said the DIA approached the city and asked officials to apply. She did so because she felt the program helped promote art in the community.

“I think we have a very artistic community and they do support the arts and the library,” she said. “The DIA does a good job of publicizing where the locations are and I think our events will bring more people in. We have a lot of people in our community who support the DIA, so it will be nice to have these works of art right here where we live.”

Bridget Brown, assistant recreation director for Pleasant Ridge, was the one who applied on behalf of Pleasant Ridge. She said the program not only brings attention to the cities involved, it also brings attention to the DIA.

“We are in such a close location to the DIA itself that it brings attention to the work there because of the attention it brings to the pieces in our community,” Brown said. “We have such beautiful parks along Woodward Avenue; these pieces will help bring culture to our events we have throughout the summer.”

Residents of Huntington Woods and Pleasant Ridge will also have a community weekend at the DIA Sept. 14-15 to see the actual works of art.

For more information about the DIA’s Inside|Out program, call (313) 833-7900 or visit and click on “Exhibitions & Events,” then click on “Inside|Out.”

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