Library to use grant funding to help with lighting upgrade

By: April Lehmbeck | Advertiser Times | Published January 15, 2013

HARPER WOODS — The library has prided itself on being an environmentally friendly facility, which is why the application for grant funding for a lighting upgrade fits into its green philosophy.

The library applied for $600 from DTE for the upgraded lighting for some of the fixtures inside and outside of the building. That will fund more than half of the cost of the lighting.

“DTE will actually give us a fairly sizeable rebate on our purchase,” Library Director Dale Parus said.

“The library is always looking for some new way to save money and act on its green principles,” Parus said. “We’re always looking for what we can fit in the building to make it a little more cost-efficient to run,” he said.

Even without grant help, the decision would be a wise move for the library, as a cost-saving option. It would only take about a year and a half before the library recoups its costs and starts seeing savings from the energy-efficient energy option.

The library’s current fixtures allowed for the library to change easily to the LED bulbs.

“It really made sense for us to do it,” Parus said. “We already had sort of the infrastructure to do it.”

The Department of Public Works staff recently installed the new lighting.

“They did a nice job of it,” Parus said.

Mayor Pro Tem Cheryl Costantino mentioned the library’s assistance from DTE and the other grant opportunities they have sought out during the Jan. 7 council meeting.

“Our library’s been working hard to get extra funding, rather than digging into your pockets directly, so that’s really good,” she said.