Health needs survey results to shape plans for care

By: Sherri Kolade | Farmington Press | Published August 28, 2013

FARMINGTON/FARMINGTON HILLS — More than 800 residents completed a Community Health Needs Assessment Survey to help Botsford Hospital, the survey facilitator, make plans to support the health needs of residents.

The Assessment Advisory Council provided input that was used to develop the survey, completed Aug. 5. Botsford Hospital, through members of the Assessment Advisory Council, provided copies of the survey to community members.

The council is a group of members from the Farmington Public Schools, faith-based groups, local employers, city representatives and others.

The survey was conducted as part of the Affordable Care Act’s focus on improving health status, Botsford Hospital Foundation Board of Directors Executive Director Margo Gorchow said.

Some survey multiple-choice questions included: In the last six months, how many drinks do you average per week? How much sleep do you get?

Gorchow added that other question topics included whether people have been treated for high blood pressure, or if they have diabetes. She said the topics focused on chronic diseases and lifestyle behavior, such as wearing a helmet while riding a bike or using sunscreen.

She said the survey is part of health care reform expectations for not-for-profit hospitals.

She said that in order to maintain a not-for-profit status, the hospital must return care, expertise and other medical benefits to the community.

Gorchow added that local data compiled from the survey has not previously been collected.

“You cannot necessarily pull data by community — you can pull it by county,” she said. “It is very hard to track the course of improvement in a very highly populated area,” she said.

She said that currently, focus groups are being formed to identify the priorities of the survey.

“We are doing some greater depth of exploration with face-to-face conversations,” she said.

She added that letters and emails were sent out to all of the Assessment Advisory Council members asking for their recommendations for people to join the focus groups. She said that toward the end of September, the survey results should be complete.

“Our due date, bar none, is December,” she said. “To be official, we need to have it approved by the Botsford Hospital Foundation Board of Directors.”

Alan Maxey, chairman of the Assessment Advisory Council, said three discussion groups made up of residents, which would review the survey results, are planned for September.

“The discussion groups with the community will be to review the survey results, and get their thoughts and feedback on results,” he said.

He added that two more Assessment Advisory Council meetings would take a look at the survey data and work to identify the greatest needs and priorities of the communities.

For more information, contact Botsford Community Relations at (248) 442-7986.