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Harper Woods

Harper Woods updates fee schedule

December 27, 2012

HARPER WOODS — While many other cities have raised their fees as costs have risen or with inflation, Harper Woods hasn’t kept up, and their bottom line has suffered.

They are fixing that now, with the unanimous approval of a revised fee schedule during its Dec. 17 City Council meeting, which increases a number of fees.

“Some of the fees remained the same since 1981,” City Manager Randolph Skotarczyk said of the previous fee schedule.

Getting the fee schedule updated took some time and work from different sources, including the ordinance committee, which had been working on a number of items.

“We tried to bring up most of the fees to today’s time,” Mayor Pro Tem Cheryl Costantino said of the Ordinance Committees work.

However, she said that some fees that residents use regularly, like the $5 garage sale fee, will stay the same. The fees on the list include rental property fees, building fees, sign fees and more.

“I think the committee did an excellent job,” Mayor Ken Poynter said.

Council member Vivian Sawicki also thanked Skotarczk for all of his work on the fee schedule.

It is the first time all fees are in one document for city use and review, as well.

“I’ve been building this document over the last six months by locating all authorized fees and comparing them from current fee schedules from various similar communities,” Skotarczyk stated in a memo to council.

“The fees recommended are neither exorbitant nor unreasonable and are on par with those charged in other communities,” he stated, adding that many of Harper Woods fees will still be a little lower than the fees in other communities.

For instance, Eastpointe charges $50 for the permit fee for a swimming pool, and Harper Woods charges $35 with the new fee schedule. 

The new fee schedule is included in the city’s Dec. 17 agenda under Public Notices on the city’s website.

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