Equipment purchases pave way for Park to take over City dispatch

By: K. Michelle Moran | Grosse Pointe Times | Published September 4, 2013

GROSSE POINTE CITY — The City took another step toward the merger of its emergency dispatching operations with Grosse Pointe Park by approving a couple of equipment upgrades.

At a meeting Aug. 19, the City Council unanimously voted in favor of a purchase of $7,021 for equipment to enable the City to network its non-emergency Public Safety Department phone systems with those of the Park. The council also voted in favor of an upgrade to its three video camera systems at a cost of $17,269.18 so those systems could be monitored in the Park.

Public Safety Director Stephen Poloni — who recommended approval of the purchases — said the phone interoperability project would enable the City to transfer calls back and forth between the two communities. Both the Park and City use Sterling Heights-based BCS-NEC for their phone systems, so Poloni said that “precluded going out for bids” for this.

Because of a state grant, “There will be no use of city funds at this time” for either purchase, Poloni told the council.

The City has three separate surveillance camera systems in use now, but Poloni said the purchase will enable them to create a single system, as well as one that can be monitored from various remote locations as needed. Current City camera systems are in use in the Village parking structure and at the Public Safety Department, Poloni said.

The City opted to purchase the camera system from Pointe Alarm LLC in the City, which also provided the Park with their camera system, he said.

There are other features to the new cameras.

“This system is able to be expanded,” Mayor Dale Scrace said.

According to Pointe Alarm’s proposal, the City has eight cameras now that are in use, but the new unit would allow them to run as many as 16 cameras.

At press time, Poloni said they were hoping to make the switch to dispatching in the Park by Oct. 1.