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Developers look at abandoned lot for theater complex

September 12, 2012

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The long-abandoned Big K lot at 20891 13 Mile on the city’s northeast end could soon get a makeover if plans for rehabilitating the site for a movie theater complex move forward.

ROSEVILLE — With hopes of bringing a high-end theater complex to the city, officials in Roseville passed resolutions last month to establish a commercial rehabilitation district in the city’s northeast end on 13 Mile, just east of Little Mack.

At an Aug. 14 regular meeting, the Council unanimously approved two agenda items directly corresponding to a potential redevelopment project — an Emagine Theatre complex at 20891 13 Mile Road, currently home to an abandoned Big K Kmart store.

Agenda item six amended chapter 133 of the City Charter, clearly stating what City Attorney Tim Tomlinson explained was already common practice in the building department.

“Previously, there was a $1,000 fee for the application to establish an industrial or commercial development district and a $1,000 fee for an industrial facilities exemption certificate — two different actions, but the process we’ve always followed is that if you are filing for either or both, it’s just a $1,000 fee. The provision provides for what we’ve already had in practice,” he said.

Agenda item seven established the rehabilitation district, allowing for future developers to qualify for tax abatement on any taxes from new development at the site for up to 10 years. City Manager Scott Adkins broke down the process ahead, but did not divulge any specific information.

“As you are aware we have a potential redevelopment project that could take place at the location,” Adkins told council during the meeting.

“We require a resolution to be passed by the governing body establishing a commercial rehabilitation district, and if approved this evening, we will be forwarding this over to the Macomb County Board of Commissioners.”

Adkins added that if all goes “as planned,” the city will progress through steps, such as special presentations and public hearings, as required by law.

Paul Glantz, CEO of Emagine Entertainment, neither confirmed nor denied future development at the Roseville site, but said in a statement that Emagine was hoping to open a complex in Macomb County by next fall.

Both Oakland and Wayne counties already boast Emagine theater complexes, with locations in Royal Oak and Novi; however, Glantz said that the new development would likely be the largest yet.

Look to the Eastsider for continued coverage of the potential development of an Emagine theater complex in Roseville.


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