A cause for Zumba, Zumba for a cause

Councilman teams up with fitness instructors to support local charity

By: Sara Kandel | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published September 28, 2012

ROSEVILLE — Roseville Councilman Bill Shoemaker has teamed up with LifeStyle Fitness Gold to raise money for a local charity through Zumba.

Together they will host a Zumba-thon to benefit Eastside Teen Outreach in Eastpointe.

The fundraiser is being held in the basement of Sacred Heart Church in Roseville from 6:30-9 p.m. Oct. 19. The cost is an at-will donation, with a minimum $5 donation and a suggested price of $10 per person, but Shoemaker added that, of course, “more is even better.”

All proceeds will benefit the nonprofit teen center that reaches out to at-risk youths and focuses on community service and spiritual, emotional and physical health.

The evening will consist of a short warm-up followed by a Zumba Gold class from 6:45-7:30, a presentation by Eastside Teen Outreach founders Doug and Deena Trocino at 7:30 and then a regular Zumba class taught by instructors from LifeStyle at 7:45 p.m.

Shoemaker will be teaching the Zumba Gold class.

“Zumba Gold is low-impact or lower-impact, at least; there isn’t jumping like in the regular Zumba class,” Shoemaker said. “It’s great for beginners and older people.”

Shoemaker has been practicing Zumba for a little more than two years and has been teaching classes since March.

His experience with the popular dance-based workout routine has been life changing.

“In the last six months I’ve lost 25 pounds, 30 since January, just from teaching the Gold class,” Shoemaker said. “And, I’ve went down in pants sizes. I’ve lost three inches around my mid-section since March.”

He teaches almost every day, sometimes more than once a day, offering classes Monday through Saturday in the morning and at night at a half-dozen locations in Roseville, Eastpointe and Warren.

Shoemaker, 49, a councilman of 15 years and a Realtor by trade, decided to check out Zumba after hearing about it from friends and quickly took it up as a hobby, but as difficulties in the real estate market mounted, he started seeing the potential in making it a side career.

“I took a hit financially and fell behind,” Shoemaker said. “My original thought was maybe I could become a Zumba instructor and go back to college full time to earn a four-year degree in business.”

It took him more than a year after becoming a certified instructor to begin offering classes. He wanted to make sure he had enough experience, skill and knowledge to make sure his class would offer a worthwhile experience for Zumba students of all levels.

Since March, he’s started nine weekly drop-in classes, each an hour long. He’s put off going back to school to focus on something that not only benefits him, but a handful of local organizations.

His classes are offered at Knights of Columbus and American Legion halls and churches. He gives half of all proceeds to the proprietor of the building.

“I give money back to them to have a class, and I schedule the classes at days and times when the space is not in use, so it benefits both myself and them,” he said.

He recently added a Wednesday night class at ETO to his weekly routine.

“They are helping out kids with family situations where they don’t get a lot of care,” Shoemaker said of ETO. “They teach them morals and values they might otherwise not be exposed to and offer a place for teens to grow and develop friendships.”

When he heard that the Trocinos were struggling to keep up with the bills at their new teen center on 10 Mile in Eastpointe he offered to teach a class there.

“I thought it could be a win-win,” he said. “My program could grow and they could make money.”

They definitely need the money, but for the Trocinos, it wasn’t the allure of offering the program at their center.

“We are trying to get our teens more active,” Deena Trocino said. “I want to get these teens healthy, and I want to set a good example.”

The class there isn’t geared toward teens, but she’s hoping they’ll come, and she’s hoping her participation in the program will help inspire them.

“I want to give them someone to look up to,” she said. “I’ve struggled with weight problems my whole life, and it’s time I stand up and do something about it and inspire them in the process.”

She and Doug are working with Shoemaker and instructors from LifeStyle Fitness Gold to develop programs focused on increasing overall health and wellness in teens. They are hoping to start a health-focused “Biggest Loser” style contest for teens early next year and find ways to educate the community on the issue of childhood and teen obesity.

“I would love to educate our community on how to properly feed kids, the importance of playing outside and being active, and the dangers of obesity in children and teens,” Deena said.

Funds from the Zumba-thon could help them do that.

“I’m excited about working with Bill and the Zumba-thon,” Doug Trocino said. “Bill is in Roseville, and we’ve been trying to reach out to Roseville kids, so it has worked out great so far, and we’ve gotten a ton of support from him and other Roseville officials.”

For him, the upcoming fundraiser is the icing on the cake.

“I’m really touched by it and excited for it,” he continued. “Bill came to us and offered to do the Zumba-thon fundraiser, and we don’t get a lot of people offering to do things like that for us, so it’s very appreciated.”

“It will be really fun and hopefully will help us maintain the center, continue our work with teens and add a few new health and nutrition based events or groups,” Deena said. “I hope the whole community comes out to support the event. Zumba is really popular, and so hopefully even people who do it elsewhere will come out for the Zumba-thon and support the cause.”

For more information on the Zumba-thon and weekly classes, contact Bill Shoemaker at (586) 443-6875 or by email at billshoe@live.com. Eastside Teen Outreach is located at 15800 10 Mile Road. For more information on ETO, call (586) 447-8336 or email deena@eastsideteenoutreach.org.

Work up a sweat with Shoemaker

     After living his own success story with the popular workout, Roseville Councilman Bill Shoemaker started teaching Zumba classes earlier this year. He now offers drop-in classes throughout the week at various eastside locations.

• Zumba, 5:45 p.m. in the basement of Sacred Heart Church, located at 18430 in Roseville.
• Zumba Gold, 7:15 p.m. at the Father Solanus Casey Knights of Columbus Hall, located at 16483 12 Mile Road in Roseville.
• Zumba, 8:30 p.m. directly following the lower-impact class at the Roseville K of C Hall.

• Zumba Gold, 9:45 a.m. at the American Legion Hall, located at 28444 Utica Road in Roseville.

• Zumba, 6 p.m. at Eastside Teen Outreach, located at 15800 10 Mile Road in Eastpointe.
• Zumba, 8 p.m. at Erin Presbyterian Church, located at 30000 Gratiot in Roseville.

• Zumba Gold, 5:50 p.m. at the Father Solanus Casey Knights of Columbus Hall, located at 16483 12 Mile Road in Roseville.

• Beginning soon: Zumba parties, 6:30-9 p.m. in the Sacred Heart Church Basement, located at 28444 Utica Road in Roseville.

• Zumba, 9 a.m. at Warren Racquetball, located at 29901 S. Civic Center Blvd. in Warren.

    For information on the program, directions or drop-in rates, contact Shoemaker at (586) 443-6875 or billshoe@live.com.