Audit report shows mostly positive standing for Clinton Township

By: Nick Mordowanec | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published October 2, 2013

CLINTON TOWNSHIP — An audit report presented to Clinton’s Township’s Board of Trustees at the Sept. 23 board meeting showed that the township is in mostly good standing.

The report, conducted by Plante Moran, showed statistics that ranged from general fund revenue, to police fund expenditures, to water and sewer fund expenditures. The numbers mentioned in the report covered most of 2012, and results were calculated until March 31, 2013.

Township Treasurer William Sowerby said the results show that the township has done its proper number crunching and that Plante Moran did not find any deficiencies with its reporting. He said that Plante Moran feels that in light of the last five years of economic downturn, the township continues to position itself in a favorable budgetary position.

The issue, which is potentially a big one considering how November voting pans out and how budget restrictions take hold in the future, is the budgets associated with the township’s Police and Fire departments.

“In the next two to five years, the police and fire budget will run of out of money,” Sowerby said. “That means it can’t sustain the staff it has now, and that was part of the importance of that audit. And with a successful millage in November, that will allow enough infusion of dollars to stabilize both those funds and help create improved security in Clinton Township.”

Police fund revenue is not expected to increase again until 2016, and the fire fund is projected to dip the next three years, as well. Results should be a little clearer once the millage issue is more defined following the election on Nov. 5.

“Is it good news there’s a shortfall between our fire and police budget?” Sowerby said. “No. It’s good news that the township continues to take the necessary steps to continue to save dollars, such as not replacing personnel and holding off on capital outlay expenditures.

“It’s about what the township has done and continues to do. All those decisions have helped to create a more stable general fund, water and sewer fund, and given prolonged life to what may be a feeble police and fire fund unless new dollars are infused.”