Another person killed jaywalking on Dequindre

By: Andy Kozlowski | Madison - Park News | Published December 3, 2012

Police are urging residents to use crosswalks and cross signals when trying to walk across the road, now that yet another person has been struck dead while jaywalking in Madison Heights, bringing last month’s total to two people, both on Dequindre.The assumption that drivers will see you — and/or stop — can be fatal, authorities say.

The latest victim is 64-year-old Clestia Foster, who was using a walker to cross Dequindre from the west side, returning to her home in the apartments in the 27000 block of Parkview, just east of Dequindre.

The incident occurred around 6:12 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30, just north of 11 Mile Road. Two vehicles struck Foster as she walked out of the driveway of a nearby business. The first vehicle was a 1998 GMC Jimmy, the second was a 1995 Chevrolet Beretta. Both had been traveling at or below the posted speed limit.

At press time, police were still awaiting autopsy results, but it was clear the victim died from blunt force trauma, including severe head injury.

“She was pronounced dead at the scene,” Haines said. “The ambulance personnel who first arrived were not able to get any vitals on her.”

The driver of the first vehicle saw Foster at the last second and swerved to try to avoid her, striking her with the passenger side of the vehicle. The second driver, given only a split-second to react, tried to slow down but still struck her, as well. Both drivers pulled over and called police, and have been cooperative with detectives.

There were no signs of the involvement of drugs, alcohol or distracted driving. The incident is being investigated as an accident.

This is the second such incident, on the same road, to occur in November. The first incident occurred around 6 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14. The victim, 69-year-old Maxine Patton, is a resident of the 27000 block of Dequindre in Madison Heights. She was hit in the right-turn lane of Dequindre, south of Madison Solberg Drive.

The vehicle was a 1996 Dodge passenger car, heading southbound. The driver — a woman — pulled over. No drugs or alcohol appear to have been involved in this case, either, nor did the driver appear to have been distracted. It’s unclear how the woman was hit. Police say she was likely jaywalking — she was some distance from the nearest crosswalk, and it was dark out.

Witnesses are still sought for this latest tragedy on Dequindre. In the meantime, Haines advises people to not take chances walking across the middle of the road.

“Again, if you need to cross the road, especially one as heavily traveled as Dequindre, you need to use the crosswalks, use the signals, and pay attention to what traffic is doing, and unfortunately, due to the time of the year, it’s getting darker much earlier, and at that time, Dequindre is a very busy road,” Haines said. “So remember to always use the crosswalks and the cross signals.”

Anyone with information on these or other incidents can contact Madison Heights detectives at (248) 585-2100.