Annual Litter Clean Up scheduled

By: Sherri Kolade | Farmington Press | Published April 23, 2014

 More than 40 participants from Farmington Public Schools participated in the litter walk last year.

More than 40 participants from Farmington Public Schools participated in the litter walk last year.

Photo courtesy of Farmington Public Schools

FARMINGTON HILLS — The Farmington Hills Beautification Commission will present the 2nd annual Litter Clean Up April 26 throughout the cities. Supplies for the Litter Clean Up will be provided for register groups at select locations; the Litter Clean Up will be scheduled at the convenience of each individual group.

Farmington Hills Beautification Commissioner Michelle Zerbi said the event — a joint effort between Farmington and Farmington Hills — is a chance to beautify both cities.

“We feel the cities of Farmington and Farmington Hills are very beautiful; however, there is a little bit of trash and litter buildup that happens during the wintertime,” Zerbi said. “We really pride ourselves in having gorgeous-looking cities, and we thought we would help out and try to increase awareness. We thought if we made it into a community event, that would maybe accomplish that.”

Zerbi said last year, 250 volunteers cleaned up, and by press time this year, 100 people had signed up; she is hoping for greater numbers this time around.

“We are hoping to have 300 (volunteers) this year,” she said.

Interested volunteers who sign up will receive supplies in the area that they want to clean up, such as at a park or school, Zerbi said.

“Some have requested to clean up near the graveyards and churches; those options are available, too,” she said. “Most people are staying close to home just because that is the area they are directly around.”

Zerbi said last year, a number of volunteers cleaned up around 12 Mile.

“That really got looking good,” she said. “We also had a pretty good response with a lot of condo associations and neighborhood groups. I wasn’t surprised (by the turnout) but very happy that so many people wanted to be involved, and I am very hopeful for the future and the (event) this year.”

Farmington Hills DPW Superintendent Kevin McCarthy said once the event is over, a waste management contractor will pick up the trash on a regular trash day.

“It depends on where you live in the city; (there are) five different trash routes,” he said.

He added that volunteers also have to request bags to throw away the trash. 

To register, list the area that you would like to clean up and a suitable spot for the Commission to leave the supplies.

“Generally, we just package them up and set them at your doorstep,” she said. “Mostly, the groups are small families of four or five who are signed up.”

When finished cleaning up, leave the bags at the closest cross streets near to the cleanup site.

Registration is available until April 25. For more information, or to register, go to, or, or call Zerbi at (269) 370-3679.