Warren man who assaulted court deputy sentenced

By: Alex Szwarc | C&G Newspapers | Published October 22, 2020


MOUNT CLEMENS/WARREN — A Warren man who assaulted a Macomb County Sheriff’s Office deputy last year in court was recently sentenced.

On Oct. 21, Paul Frost was sentenced to 42-180 months in jail by Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Edward Servitto. Sentencing guidelines were between 19 and 76 months.

In August, Frost plead no contest to five felonies — assault with a dangerous weapon, assault of a prison employee, assaulting/resisting/obstructing a police officer causing injury, escape from jail through violence, and attempt to disarm a peace officer.

The incident occurred August 2019 at the Macomb County Circuit Court building in Mount Clemens. There, the 35-year-old Frost allegedly assaulted a Macomb County Sheriff deputy.

Last year, police said that during the incident, a courthouse employee sounded the alarm and several other deputies arrived at the lockup, where deputies gained control of Frost and walked him to a transport unit without further resistance.  

Frost had been transported to the Macomb County Jail by the Warren Police Department the previous day. Frost, who has now been in the Macomb County Jail for over one year, was arrested by Warren police for armed robbery.

His attorney, Joseph Arnone, called it a single event, not a pattern of felonious behavior.

“At the time this occurred, he was abusing both powder cocaine and crack cocaine,” Arnone said. “He endured a very hostile arrest from the Warren Police Department due to the prior case. Drugs are something he needs to get a handle on.”

Frost apologized to the officer and the court.

“I’m sure my actions freaked everybody out,” he said. “I wasn’t in my right state of mind and had a mental breakdown, and physical issues going on. It wasn’t my intention for that to happen that way.”  

At an August pretrial conference, Macomb County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney John Gemellaro read a statement from the deputy.

It detailed that Frost exited the third floor lockup area without permission after another inmate was moving to an adjacent lockup.

“Frost then slipped his belly chains down to his feet prior to exiting so only handcuffs were on,” the statement read.

A belly chain is a physical restraint worn by inmates, consisting of a chain around the waist, to which the inmates’ hands may be chained or cuffed.

“I was blindsided and struck on the right side of my forehead with his steel belly chain. The suspect continued to violently and forcibly swing his belly chains, and I was struck numerous times,” it stated. “I blocked a majority of the strikes with my hands and arm and suffered injuries to my head, hand, elbow and finger from being struck with the chains.”

The deputy said he was able to physically take Frost down to the ground, where he continued to resist.