The Friday 5 — March 27-29

Your guide to staying at home this weekend

C&G Newspapers | Published March 26, 2020

For this week’s stay-at-home edition of the Friday 5, we asked C & G staffers for their top book recommendations for a weekend in. Here are their suggestions:

1. 'Dracula,' by Bram Stoker

It’s an oldie, and a lengthy read, but totally worth it. Every line is compelling.

— Tiffany Esshaki, Staff Writer

2. 'Only The Lonely: Roy Orbison’s Life and Legacy,' by Alan Clayson
'The Whole Town’s Talking,' by Fannie Flagg

Before my neighborhood library closed for the shutdown, I checked out two books: “Only The Lonely: Roy Orbison’s Life and Legacy,” by Alan Clayson, and “The Whole Town’s Talking,” by Fannie Flagg. I’m really enjoying learning more about the late Orbison, and I can’t wait to start the Flagg book. I just love her novels.

— Maria Allard, Staff Writer

3. Agatha Christie mysteries

Agatha Christie has an extensive collection of mysteries that are fun to read. Her famous detective, Hercule Poiroit, is one of my favorites because he always discovers the killer in a way I would have never thought of myself.

— Kristyne E. Demske, Staff Writer

4. 'Six of Crows' by Leigh Bardugo

I’m rereading “Six of Crows,” a No. 1 New York Times bestseller by Leigh Bardugo, whose “Shadow and Bone” is reportedly headed for a Netflix series. A YA fantasy ensemble heist novel, “Six of Crows” is fast and deep and just what the doctor ordered.

— Annie Bates, Editor

5. 'Take Me Out to the Ballpark: An Illustrated Tour of Baseball Parks Past and Present,' by Josh Leventhal

My cousin earlier this year picked up a used copy for me of “Take Me Out to the Ballpark: An Illustrated Tour of Baseball Parks Past and Present,” by Josh Leventhal, and I’ve been enjoying the photos and facts about each stadium. Baseball was supposed to be starting right now, I was ready for baseball to be back, and so it has been great to see photos of Tiger Stadium and remember all the great times I had there.

— David Wallace, Editor

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