Melanie Bisciaio, left, has been helping her mother-in-law, Mary Bisciaio, put together the books by looking them over and making edits.

Melanie Bisciaio, left, has been helping her mother-in-law, Mary Bisciaio, put together the books by looking them over and making edits.

Photo provided by Mary Bisciaio

Shelby author releases 2 new romance books

By: Kara Szymanski | Shelby - Utica News | Published August 24, 2020


SHELBY TOWNSHIP — A Shelby Township resident and author released the first two books of her new romance book series, “Forever Partners” and “Partners Against Crime,” Aug. 7.

Mary Bisciaio, of Shelby Township, who uses the pen name Tea Deluca, began writing after many years of teaching high school English. She now spends much of her time in retirement focusing on her two passions, reading and writing. She has written 11 romance books.

Bisciaio grew up in East Detroit and lived in Warren. She moved to Shelby Township in 1982 after she got married.

Bisciaio was an educator for nearly 30 years and taught for what was then East Detroit Public Schools, which is now Eastpointe Community Schools. She taught English and American history for 27 years to eighth and ninth graders and alternative education students.

“I’m inspired to write for a number of reasons. I loved teaching writing, and I love a good story with strong characters and a great plot. After I retired seven years ago, I read more and decided to write a novel, a romance novel,” she said.

She said there are a number of things in her life that have influenced her books, including places that she has traveled to visit and people she has met.

Each book in her new Partners Series focuses on a partnership. In the first book, “Forever Partners,” it’s a marriage that’s hit a rough spot after 10 years. The sparks are slowly extinguishing, but divorce is not an option. The second book, “Partners Against Crime,” involves police partners trying to stop a serial killer from killing again.

She said each book takes her a few months to put together.

“A book takes me about three months to write and about three months to format for print or e-book and numerous editing. I do my own publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). They have been wonderful answering my questions and walking me through the publishing process,” she said.

Melanie Bisciaio, Mary Bisciaio’s daughter-in-law, has been helping Mary to put together the books by looking them over and making edits. She also attends Mary’s book signings and craft shows.

“I have been fortunate enough and honored to get a sneak peek into all of Mary’s books by helping her edit them. I really enjoy doing it. She will send me a few chapters to review at a time. She always leaves me on the edge of my seat wanting the next set she sends me to come,” she said.

She said she has enjoyed helping Mary.

“It’s fun helping her along with the process. That can be from editing, helping with research for the book, and giving my input on cover selection. It’s always great to see her finished work,” said Melanie.

Melanie said her favorite book of Mary’s is hard to choose, but there is one that means something to her.

“For the exception of her Partner Series, which has recently released, the other books are all stand-alone stories. They are all unique and special for that alone. If I had to pick one, it would probably be ‘Danny’s Sister.’ That one has a military storyline to it, and my husband was in the military,” she said.

Mary said it’s difficult to choose which of her books is her favorite because each book has its own feel.

“My favorite book is tough since each book is romance but uniquely different. Two are romance and crime fiction (a murder trial and a serial killer). I have second-chance novels, opposites attract, addiction issues, a military romance, one that revolves around a Michigan election and even one Christian romance.”

She said the test is to write something different each time, though they are all romance novels.

“With that said, I love ‘Paige’s Heart’ just for the diary element at the beginning and end of the novel. But then ‘Miss Not So Fine’ was my first, and ‘Married to a Cowboy’ was a labor of love,” she said.

Bisciaio also writes for Blue Water Healthy Living, an online magazine out of Port Huron.

“I’ve been fortunate to connect with Blue Water Healthy Living magazine to write nonfiction. It is quite a change, but Grant Smith and Karrie Beck have been wonderful to work with,” said Bisciaio

Bisciaio enjoys writing so much that she plans to keep writing more books.

“Even if no one reads a single page, I would continue to write. I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished, but as I continue to write, I hope I improve. I love the book shows, too. It is such fun connecting with other authors. I’ll definitely continue to write. Books three and four in the series are already started. One about a pilot and a TSA agent, and the other about two con artists. Different partnerships for sure,” she said

When Bisciaio is not writing, she spends her time reading, doing cross-stitch, volunteering at her church and traveling in her RV.

Her books can be found at luca in e-book and paperback.

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