Roseville changes ordinance about marijuana signs

By: Nick Powers | Roseville-Eastpointe Eastsider | Published May 9, 2024

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ROSEVILLE — Marijuana businesses in Roseville can now be a bit more direct.

The Roseville City Council, at its April 23 meeting, unanimously voted to amended its ordinance to allow for marijuana-releated businesses in the city to have signs that contain the terms “grass,” “420,” “ganja,” “dank” and “pot.” Related imagery will also be allowed, such as marijuana leaves.

Councilman Kurmmell Knox clarified the parameters of the change.

“All we’re doing is addressing what we believe to be outdated (regulations) on the sign itself; we’re not addressing how they advertise,” Knox said.

The signs would be for established businesses in the city that have been approved by the municipality.

Roseville City Attorney Tim Tomlinson said at the meeting that a number of marijuana-related businesses that already have licenses came forward to ask for a change to the ordinance.

“It brings advertisement to them; they’re established businesses,” Tomlinson said at the meeting.

The updated ordinance will become effective 20 days after its revision at the April 23 meeting.