News & Notes - 5/24/23 St. Clair Shores Sentinel

By: Alyssa Ochss | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published May 24, 2023


St. Clair Shores Optimist Club hosts 10th police and fire appreciation breakfast
ST. CLAIR SHORES — St. Clair Shores city staff, superintendents and other distinguished guests offered their appreciation for police officers and firefighters at a breakfast held by the Optimist Club on May 11.

The breakfast was held at the Assumption Cultural Center. After welcomes and introductions by the Optimist Club, the police and fire honor guard led the Pledge of Allegiance and Miss St. Clair Shores Outstanding Teen Grace Hanke sang the national anthem. A prayer was said by St Clair Shores Police Chaplin the Rev. James Friedman before everyone sat down to eat.

The guest speaker was Macomb County Clerk Anthony Forlini. After his speech, Police Chief Jason Allen and Fire Chief James Piper handed out awards for outstanding work by police officers and firefighters. Piper also handed out awards to two Lakeview students, Nathan Ampola and Owen Rskiewicz, for their quick thinking and bravery in an emergency.

School liaison officers were acknowledged by the Optimist Club


Mayor proclaims 65th Blessing of the Fleet
ST. CLAIR SHORES — At the St. Clair Shores City Council meeting on May 15, a proclamation was made celebrating the 65th Blessing of the Fleet.

Mayor Kip Walby read the proclamation recognizing the annual blessing and allowed Glen Rossini, commodore of Jefferson Yacht Club, to say a few words. He stood with his wife, Darla Rossini, the fleet captain.

He said after commencements at the blessing of the fleet are completed, a Macomb County Sheriff’s boat goes into the lake with a flowered wreath as an indication of a very safe boating season.

“We thank you, everybody, for your attendance, and you certainly are welcome to come to this,” Rossini said.

The event starts at 10 a.m. on June 3 at the Watermark Bar and Grille.


City council approves dog breeding ordinance
ST. CLAIR SHORES — The St. Clair Shores City Council approved the dog breeding ordinance in a 6-0 vote at the City Council meeting on May 15. Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Chris Vitale was excused for this meeting.

The approved ordinance, according to the Planning Commission’s minutes, requires breeders in St. Clair Shores to register with Macomb County Animal Control and go through routine veterinary care. It also sets an age limit for breeding at 12 years and states that a female dog can have no more than six litters in its lifetime.

The ordinance was reportedly written in response to overbreeding seen by the Animal Care and Welfare Committee and others. Signs advertising “puppies for sale” were also reportedly seen in the city, with no way for animal control to intervene, according to the commission’s minutes.


‘Progress is his middle name’
ST. CLAIR SHORES — At the St. Clair Shores City Council meeting on May 15, a proclamation was made celebrating the 70th St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade.

Mayor Kip Walby read the proclamation and allowed Dave Ellis, St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade Committee chair, to say a few words.

Ellis said he’s very excited to be putting the parade on and they have a wonderful patriotic community. He also confirmed that the parade’s two special guests this year are from Los Angeles, as well as the movie they were in.

“The other thing you’re going to see, we’re going to take you ‘Back to the Future,’” Ellis said.

On the St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade Facebook page, a post announced the two guests are Claudia Wells, who played Jennifer Parker (Marty McFly’s girlfriend) in the first movie, and Donald Fullilove, who played Mayor Goldie Wilson. (Remember, “Progress is his middle name!”)

They also announced on the Trader Todd’s Marina Facebook page that Donald “Ogre” Gibb, who played Ogre in “Revenge of the Nerds,” will be attending the parade.

World War II veteran Robert Haffner, the parade grand marshal, and Eva Rodriguez, the Veteran of the Year, were at the meeting.

Ellis acknowledged the whole parade committee who made the parade possible and others, including spouses of the committee members, who helped out.

Jefferson Avenue will close at 11:30 a.m. on May 28 for the parade and will stay closed until the parade’s end.


City council approves use of Official towing services
ST. CLAIR SHORES — The St. Clair Shores City Council also approved the use of Official Towing for city services in a 6-0 vote at the meeting on May 15.

St. Clair Shores Police Chief Jason Allen and Sgt. Heather Campbell presented, recommending to council that the city use Official Towing after the contract went out for bid a second time. Allen said that, last time, there was concern with some of the language in the bid and that the paperwork had been reworked before it went out to bid again.

Campbell said they received six sealed bids, but only two included all of the required elements from the bid specifications. Those two were Official Towing and Maxx Towing.

After testing the drive time, Maxx Towing ranged anywhere from eight minutes to about 19 minutes. The police department has a 20-minute time limit, Campbell said, which raises a bit of concern for them.

Campbell said she’s worked with Maxx Towing before on private property impounds and that they’ve been great to work with. Due to the response time, however, she still said she’d recommend Official Towing.

Campbell said she’s dealt with impounds in every way and Official has always been great. She also said every other department she contacted about towing companies asked her why they wanted to leave if they’re happy with their services.

“Like I said, I’m sure all six of these tow companies would do a phenomenal job with what we need them to do, but again, I’m going to recommend that we remain with Official Towing at this time,” Campbell said.