Lions quarterback faces dance-off with seventh-grader

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published May 29, 2013


Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford stood fearless before the challenge — a Dougie dance-off with Boulan Park seventh-grader Marissa Orzame at the school May 23.

Orzame said she dances for about 13 hours every week.

“I don’t dance a lot, although some guys do take dance classes,” Stafford said of his teammates. Then he turned the Detroit Tigers baseball cap he was wearing backwards and followed Orzame’s dance moves on the gym floor, to the roar of the students at the school.

Stafford visited with Orzame at the school as part of the Make the Play for Healthy Habits video contest program sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

Orzame produced the winning video entry this year, after coming in as a finalist last year. In her winning video, Orzame, who describes herself in the clip as the dancing diva, dances with partners in some of her favorite places —with her brother at Somerset Collection, with a friend on a street corner and with local Fox 2 News TV anchor Amy Andrews in Orzame’s living room. Her message in the video is “staying active every day.”

“It’s a blast,” Stafford said of the chance to visit schools as part of the program. “The kids are always great. It’s an awesome platform. It’s important to start habits early.”

When asked by Orzame about suggestions to help kids stay active in Michigan during the winter months, Stafford said, “It’s a challenge, definitely. I went sledding quite a lot. Make it a priority. Have fun whatever you’re doing.”

He advised students to eat junk food only in moderation. He said his favorites are cheeseburgers and french fries.

Orzame said she didn’t let the fact that she didn’t win the contest last year deter her from entering again.

“I’m really determined in everything I do,” she said. “I feel I push it to my limit.”

She said she eats her favorite junk food, popcorn, in moderation.

As the winner of this year’s contest, Orzame will be blogging about being healthy throughout the year as part of the program.