Women of the knitting and crocheting group make their projects and show them off.

Women of the knitting and crocheting group make their projects and show them off.

Photo by Patricia O’Blenes

Knitting and crocheting group gets social, donates to projects in St. Clair Shores

By: Alyssa Ochss | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published December 18, 2023

 Sue Ciaglo works on knitting a child’s sweater.

Sue Ciaglo works on knitting a child’s sweater.

Photo by Patricia O’Blenes


ST. CLAIR SHORES — The Senior Activity Center’s knitting and crocheting group makes projects for those in need, and also provides much needed social time for its members.

Judy Wendler, a member of the group, said the group makes lap robes for two hospice groups: Grace Hospice and Compassus Hospice. They also donate hats and other items to Big Family of Michigan for the children and sell items at the Senior Activity Center.

Wendler said it takes a couple weeks to make a lap robe.

“But a lot of the ladies, they knit or crochet here, but then they do it at home, too,” Wendler said.

The group has been active for longer than Wendler has been there. They have around 19 members right now.

“There were two ladies who started it originally,” Wendler said. “But it’s way before I came here. So it’s been here a long time.

They hear about the reactions of hospice patients who are receiving the robes and they are appreciative.

“The feeling that somebody made it for them is the highlight,” Wendler said.

She also said they have a lot of fun in the group.

“For some women, it’s a real social thing,” Wendler said. “You know, older people sometimes live alone, and so for them it’s a weekly get-together. And as you can see, everybody is friendly and talks.”

Sue Ciaglo and Carol Brown are the two members who have been in the group the longest. There are also a couple members who are new to the group this year.

Ciaglo said she has a good time in the group and that it’s a good social outlet.

“The group here is a really great group,” Ciaglo said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

She said for a while, she was averaging around 12 lap robes a year, but she doesn’t do that as much. She also makes other things as well.

“Sweaters, hats, scarves,” Ciaglo said. “Yeah, baby stuff.”

Brown, Wendler said, makes a lot of the baby clothes. Brown said she likes talking and socializing with the other women in the group.

“All the girls are so sweet here,” Brown said. “We just chit-chat all the time. It’s real good here.”

She also makes blankets and other items. She said she finished a blanket in a week and her current project, a baby coat, in a week. Wendler added that she’s fast.

Brown has made blankets and other items for her family members.

“When they got tired of having stuff, I came here,” she said. “Because I don’t want to give up crocheting, so I crochet for (projects) here now.”

Money made from the items sold is used to buy more yarn, but yarn is also donated to the group. Wendler said they don’t plan to expand where they donate to and to keep it in the local area.

“It takes a while to do these things,” Wendler said. “So, you know, I don’t want to get too big. I want to keep it more personal.”

Wendler said she really likes the group.

“We feel like we’re doing something and we’re enjoying it,” Wendler said.

She also said volunteering is rewarding.

“And when you’re older, you know you’re not working anymore. You’re not going out every day where, this way, you can come here and it’s enjoyable, but you’re still doing something,” Wendler said.

The Senior Activity Center is located at 20000 Stephens St.