Interesting and bizarre crime briefs from Macomb County, Grosse Pointes in 2022

C&G Newspapers | Published January 10, 2023

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Officers respond to crashed vehicle in front of school
FRASER — Fraser Department of Public Safety officers were dispatched to a crash on Garfield Road in front of Richards Middle School at 7:30 a.m. on Jan. 11.

Officers were already in the area on regular duty and quickly located the vehicle with the front end stuck in a drainage ditch. They observed the driver behind the wheel unconscious, and they smashed the passenger side window to gain access. The driver, a 35-year-old Fraser man, was unresponsive, and officers said they observed a strong odor of intoxicants and several open containers of alcohol and prescription drugs.

The driver was extracted from the vehicle and transported to a nearby hospital, where he was listed as stable but unconscious at the time of the report. He was found to have a previous conviction for operating while intoxicated in 2020, and charges were pending.


Milk jug thrown at vehicle, damages windshield
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Officers were dispatched to the 48000 block of Sandifer Court, near Hamlin and Dequindre roads, on a malicious destruction of property complaint at 10:22 a.m. Jan. 15. The caller stated that someone hit the windshield of her vehicle with a milk gallon jug, damaging the windshield. Officers interviewed several people on scene and developed a possible suspect. A warrant request was submitted to the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office for possible charges against the suspect.


Bulldog scares off home invader
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — At 4:33 a.m. Jan. 21, a home invasion was reported in the 17000 block of Kingsbrooke Circle.

A woman was reportedly getting ready for work and went outside and started her car. She returned inside to finish getting ready and had left the door unlocked. She was in the bathroom when a male came into her home and confronted her in the doorway of the bathroom with a box cutter.

The man reportedly told her “give me all of your money,” and she said she wouldn’t.

Police said the woman’s bulldog went up to the man and started sniffing him, which scared him, so he left her apartment. The woman reportedly didn’t recognize the male.


Man claims snake in vehicle
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police went to the 33000 block of Van Dyke Avenue, between 14 Mile and 15 Mile roads, Jan. 21 upon hearing that a disorderly man was asking strangers to approach his vehicle.

Police reportedly found a man in the parking lot, and he asked them to come to his vehicle because a snake was inside. Police checked out the vehicle and saw no snake.

Police said the man was “talking in circles,” but he reportedly said he wasn’t using any medication. Police said they took him to the hospital, and his vehicle was towed.


Drunken driver hands officers coloring sheet
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Officers were dispatched to the area of 22 Mile and Ryan roads for a single-vehicle crash in which the driver struck a telephone pole and caused downed power lines at 2:56 a.m. Jan. 28.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the driver, who stated that she was the designated driver that night, as she and her friends were on their way home from a bar when she slid on the icy road and struck a power pole. No one in the car was injured.

When officers asked the driver for her license and insurance, she handed officers a children’s coloring sheet. Officers placed the driver through field sobriety tests and then offered her a preliminary breath test, with the results being 0.13% blood alcohol content. The driver was placed under arrest for operating while intoxicated.


Customer, waiter punched at restaurant
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — At 6:57 p.m. Jan. 30, a case of assault and battery was reported at Golden Corral in the 15000 block of Hall Road.

An employee said a coworker came to work with a bad attitude, and he tried to help her. She exchanged an expletive with him and walked away. Police said a few minutes later, he was waiting on a table but was approached by a male who asked, “What did you say to my sister?”

The suspect allegedly started punching him, and he fell into the table he was waiting on. The customer at that table also was punched. The suspect continued to assault him until a customer pulled him off. The customer called 911, and the suspect ran east toward the hotel and left in a white Jeep.


Frozen food thrown through window
WARREN — On Jan. 31, Warren police officers were dispatched to a home after receiving a call regarding trouble with a neighbor. Dispatch advised the officers a neighbor had thrown frozen food through the back window of the caller’s home.

When officers arrived, they made contact with the caller, who advised them he was watching YouTube in his bedroom when he heard glass breaking. After investigating, he discovered the broken window and found a frozen sausage roll on the floor.

The caller advised officers that a neighbor had broken a window at the home in the past.


Cashier reports irate customer
ST. CLAIR SHORES — An employee of Pit Stop Mobil gas station, 23800 Jefferson Ave., called police at 8:30 a.m. Feb. 1 to report an assault.

The cashier said a customer appeared agitated when he came in and threw change on the counter to pay for his coffee. She said she had seen the man in the business before and that he behaves rudely each time. She picked up the money, put it in a pile on the counter and told him not to return to the store. He then called her names and threw the hot coffee in her face. He left the store in a red Ford Escape.

The woman said she did not have any injuries.


Man at church claims to be Jesus
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police heard a report of a disorderly person at a church in the 42000 block of Ryan Road Feb. 6 who “was asking for a firearm and talking about Jesus.”

Police reportedly talked to the man and de-escalated things, adding that the man said he didn’t plan to harm anyone. The report said the man then allegedly said he was Jesus and “only wants to help people.” He also said he didn’t need to be hospitalized because, in the words of the report, “there were too many cameras there.”

Police learned that the man had recently been experiencing a health situation and calling himself Jesus, and he reportedly was being taken to church to “alleviate the unusual behavior.” Police said they took the man to Beaumont Hospital, Troy.


Hole found in tire after two meet on dating app
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On Feb. 7 in the parking lot of a bar in the 40000 block of Garfield Road, it was reported that a man and woman communicated via the dating app Bumble and agreed to meet at the bar.

They reportedly talked throughout the evening, and he had at some point argued with her and became abrasive. He tried to get her to leave with him, and she said no. The man reportedly replied, “OK, we’re done,” and left.

The woman left five minutes later and said she found her tire had low air. She checked it and found a hole from something like a screwdriver. She changed the tire and went home.


Gold bar stolen
GROSSE POINTE WOODS — According to a police report filed Feb. 16, a resident of Anita Avenue received a priority mail package Feb. 11, but the $4,000 gold brick that was supposed to be inside the package was missing. The box had a tag on it from the post office that read, “Received without contents” and “Received unsealed” on it. After police determined that the theft didn’t take place in Grosse Pointe Woods, the case was turned over to the U.S. Postal Service to investigate.


Retail fraud suspect hits store employee with car
WARREN — On Feb. 22, Warren police officers were dispatched to O’Reilly Auto Parts on Eight Mile Road for an assault with a deadly weapon.

Upon arrival, officers made contact with several employees and a store manager, who told them a man between 20 and 30 years old walked into the store. The suspect grabbed a box of oil and placed it on the counter before grabbing two car batteries and running past all points of sale and out the front entrance without paying.

Officers were told an employee followed the suspect outside, where he observed the suspect placing the batteries in the front passenger seat of an older model blue Pontiac Grand Prix before entering the vehicle. When the employee went to get a license plate number off the vehicle, the suspect put the vehicle in reverse and hit the employee, knocking him to the ground.

The employee told officers there were two suspects in the vehicle, which fled the scene eastbound on Eight Mile.


Person slapped during argument
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Officers were dispatched to a residence in the area of 22 Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue on a domestic violence report at 5:45 p.m. Feb. 27. Officers arrived and heard multiple people yelling inside the residence. Upon interviewing people, it was determined that there was a heated family argument that turned physical, where a 54-year-old woman slapped a 30-year-old man, knocking his nose ring out of his nose, police said. The woman was arrested for domestic violence and transported to the Police Department for processing.


Man disrupts bar
STERLING HEIGHTS — A man allegedly attempted to fight people and resisted leaving a bar in the 36000 block of Van Dyke Avenue, near Metropolitan Parkway, March 5.

According to a police report, staff originally tried to evict the man because he allegedly had brought liquor in with him. However, the man left after reportedly “verbally harassing staff,” and the bar manager reportedly told police that he just wanted the man not to come back.


Caller seeks police for restaurant refund help
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police responded to a call March 6 at a restaurant in the 33000 block of Van Dyke Avenue upon hearing that a customer was mad at staff for allegedly poor service, namely getting the food order wrong and not giving a refund.

Police responded and spoke to the parties, getting the caller a refund. No further action was taken.


Employee attacked by customer
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Police were called to Shores Lanes, 31100 Harper Ave., just after 8 p.m. March 11 for a report of a fight.

An employee told police that the alley has a policy against patrons throwing bowling balls down the lane when the pin rake is down. When the customer did so, the employee informed him of the policy, but the customer claimed it was an accident.

The employee left the lane open because the customers only had a short time left, but when they left, the customer came back up to tell the employee he was disrespectful. The employee told the customer to leave, and he began to do so but stopped. When he was told to leave again, he charged at the employee and grabbed him by the throat. He also hit the employee in the mouth. Another employee came over to pull the customer off and told the entire party to leave.

The employee sustained minor injuries.


Wrong-way driver arrested
GROSSE POINTE WOODS — A 31-year-old Harper Woods woman was stopped by police after she was seen traveling southbound in the northbound lanes of Mack around 12:16 a.m. March 12. Police said the driver pulled into a business parking lot at Roslyn Road and Mack, drove over a curb and through landscaping before continuing to drive north on Mack.

When police pulled over the woman, she denied having consumed any alcohol or medication and refused to participate in field sobriety tests or take a breath test. The driver — who police said had slurred speech and was found to have a half-consumed bottle of tequila in her backpack — was arrested, although she allegedly resisted being handcuffed. She agreed to take a chemical breath test at the station, where police said she was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.16% — twice the legal limit. She was facing a possible operating while intoxicated charge, police said.


Unwanted visitor
GROSSE POINTE PARK — Police were called to a home in the 1100 block of Devonshire Road at around 8:28 p.m. March 13 after a stranger entered the home without the resident’s permission. According to a police report, the suspect — a 44-year-old Detroit man — was “very intoxicated” and thought he was inside his girlfriend’s house. Police said they cited the suspect for disorderly conduct and released him into the custody of his sister.


Customer disarms bar patron
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Officers responded to a call from Butter Run Saloon, 27626 Harper Ave., at 9:30 p.m. March 17 after a customer pulled a knife on another customer.

When police arrived, they found the suspect, a 26-year-old St. Clair Shores man, on the ground on the patio. His pants were at his ankles, he was drooling and he had heavily slurred speech. The officers were informed that the man was no longer armed. Police officers called for medical transport so the man could be taken to the hospital to detox.

The other customer, a 49-year-old from Roseville, told police that the 26-year-old suspect told him to sit down next to him at the bar. The suspect began to threaten the Roseville man and pulled out a large knife. He closed the blade and put it away shortly thereafter, but the Roseville man alerted the staff to what was happening.

The Roseville man was able to get the knife away from the man before police arrived.


Reported threat toward hair salon investigated
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police went to a hair salon in the 2700 block of 14 Mile Road March 18 after hearing that a man allegedly had called and threatened the business. Police reported that the man wanted a haircut, but the business turned him down due to “previous negative encounters.”

After that, the suspect threatened to drive his vehicle into the business and said he wasn’t worried about the police “because he has money and can get away with anything,” the report added. Police told the store to block the man’s phone number. Police then called the man and said the store doesn’t want him to return.

The man reportedly told police that the store actually threatened him and that he wanted to make a police report, too. Police said the incident already had a case number and gave it to him. They reportedly took no further action.


Man punched at brewery
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Police were called to Baffin Brewing Co., 25113 Jefferson Ave., at 1:43 a.m. March 18 for a report of a man bleeding from the head.

Police found the 32-year-old St. Clair Shores man and two witnesses in a nearby alley. The man was unable to recall any of the incidents leading up to his head injury, but witnesses said he had been inside Baffin when he saw a man and woman arguing. Believing the man was acting aggressively toward the woman, the St. Clair Shores man intervened on her behalf. At that point, the suspect, a 34-year-old St. Clair Shores man, allegedly struck the 32-year-old man with a fist and then shoved him to the ground with enough force to cause his ear to bleed and create an abrasion on his head. A crowd then separated the two men, and the suspect left in a red truck.

The 38-year-old Roseville woman told police the man she was arguing with was her boyfriend. She said her boyfriend had not assaulted her prior to the 32-year-old man’s intervention.

The 32-year-old man refused medical treatment and said he did not wish to pursue criminal charges.


Ex-employee allegedly breaks into business to visit company cat
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — At 11:03 p.m. March 18, officers were dispatched to a business in the 5000 block of Jamestown Road, off Auburn Road, for a breaking and entering in progress. The owner of the business called police and stated that he saw on his security camera that an ex-employee was inside the business. Officers arrived on scene shortly after the call was placed and found a male inside the business. The male reportedly stated to police that he was an ex-employee and was inside the business to visit the company cat. The owner told police that he never gave permission for the ex-employee to be in the business. The suspect was arrested and transported to the Police Department for breaking and entering.


Vandal sought
GROSSE POINTE WOODS — An unknown suspect is said to have spray-painted the words “Douch bag” in red at the foot of a driveway in the 1000 block of North Oxford Road sometime between the evening hours of March 19 and 9:30 a.m. March 20. It was unclear whether the suspect realized that the crude insult was misspelled.


Driver in ditch admits to drinking ‘a little’
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Police officers were dispatched to Hayes Road and Covington Drive, north of 24 Mile Road, for a vehicle that went into a ditch at 4:53 a.m. March 20. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the driver, who stated that she was on her way home from the bar, where she had a little bit of alcohol to drink. The driver was placed through field sobriety tests and was given a preliminary breath test, with the results being 0.16% blood alcohol content. The driver was placed under arrest for operating while intoxicated and transported to the Police Department for booking.


Package stolen, then returned
ST. CLAIR SHORES — At 4:30 p.m. March 25, a 57-year-old woman contacted police to report a stolen package.

The woman said she was notified by Amazon that her package had been delivered to the back door of her apartment in the 21000 block of St. Gertrude Street. The notification included a picture of her back door, but she could not find the package when she checked. She didn’t find it at the front door, either.

She called police to report the theft, purposely speaking loudly enough for her upstairs neighbor to hear. She then heard him walk to the back door and leave in his car. She checked the back door again and found her packages. They had been opened, however, and one item was missing. She told police that one neighbor was not home and another apartment was vacant; only the 39-year-old man living in the fourth apartment was home at the time.


Bearded man commits indecent act in Malibu
STERLING HEIGHTS — A heavyset, bearded man in his 30s reportedly committed an unspecified sexually indecent act in a gold Chevy Malibu outside a drugstore in the 43000 block of Schoenherr Road, near 19 Mile Road, April 2, police said.

The Malibu reportedly fled northbound “seconds before” police arrived, and officers said they didn’t see the vehicle.


Woman threatens cellphone store workers
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police went to a cellphone store in the 33000 block of Van Dyke Avenue, north of 14 Mile Road, April 2 after hearing that a female customer there to return items reportedly disliked the return policy and said, “You and him are dead” to a store manager and co-worker.

The suspect reportedly took off in a white Ford vehicle. Staff reportedly wanted the customer to never come back but declined to press charges. Staff added that the incident was logged with the corporate offices, and the suspect could have her account shut down as a result.


Mother and daughter arrested for beauty product thefts
FRASER — A mother and daughter were charged after allegedly stealing several items from the Meijer store at 34845 Utica Road in Fraser.

According to Fraser police, on April 2, the pair were confronted by Meijer loss prevention officers who observed the two suspects conceal several items from the health and beauty aisle in their clothing, pay for other items at a self-checkout kiosk, and then exit the business.

Police said that Meijer employees followed the suspects outside, where they denied stealing anything before giving the items in question back. The Meijer staff told police that the pair then walked away and refused to wait for police to arrive. Loss prevention staff reportedly got photos and a license plate of the vehicle the two suspects used to leave the scene.

Fraser detectives then identified and located both and found that they were a 53-year-old old Clinton Township woman and her 15-year-old old daughter. Both were arrested a few days after the incident. Police said that they confessed and were charged.


Man removes clothing in restaurant bathroom
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — Police were called to a restaurant in the 18000 block of Mack Avenue at 12:13 p.m. April 3 about an 18-year-old Harper Woods man who was allegedly removing his clothing and acting in an unusual manner in the restaurant’s restroom. Police said the man had removed his shirt and appeared to be washing himself, but when they asked if he was all right, the man “started to speak nonsensically and gibberish,” according to a report.

Police said the man also had body tremors and wide eyes, and he appeared to be under the influence of an unknown stimulant. The suspect is said to have resisted police in their efforts to remove him from the restaurant and transport him to a nearby hospital for a mental health evaluation and is said to have continued to resist with hospital staff.


Police subdue man outside mall
STERLING HEIGHTS — Lakeside Mall security reportedly alerted police about a man who was repeatedly asked to leave during the late night hours of April 8-9. Police said that, when they arrived, they witnessed the man saying, “Pigs are flying,” and, “People are going to die tonight.”

At one point that night, police said, the man allegedly got into a “clenched fist” fighting stance, didn’t follow an order to put his hands behind his back and then allegedly stepped toward police.

Police said officers then subdued and handcuffed him, and they also put a spit hood on him to stop him from spitting. The man was reportedly taken to the hospital.


Sports injury leads to disagreement, blood wiped on referee
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — At 3:20 p.m. April 10, officers were dispatched to 45300 Mound Road on an assault report. Upon arrival, officers spoke to an employee of the business, who stated that a referee was working a basketball game, at which point there was a collision between two players. One of the players had a bloody nose, which is when a family member, who was upset with the referee, wiped the blood off her son who was involved in the collision and then wiped the blood on the referee, police said. The family member had left prior to police arrival. Police were seeking charges of simple assault against the family member.


Mutual romantic interest leads to threat
GROSSE POINTE CITY — Police were called to the Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe, parking garage at around 9 p.m. April 15 after a 32-year-old St. Clair Shores woman is said to have pulled a gun on another woman following an argument between the two women over a man who both of them were apparently dating. Police said they arrested the suspect at her home shortly after the confrontation, and she reportedly confessed to the crime. She was arraigned for felonious assault, police said.


Customer steals tip jar, assaults employee
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Around 4:30 p.m. April 21, police were called to Madina Indian Restaurant, 33323 Harper Ave., after a cashier reported an assault.

The employee said a man working with DoorDash had come in to pick up an order. When the employee returned from grabbing the order, he found the man behind the counter trying to open the cash register. The employee tried to get the suspect away from the counter, but the man grabbed the tip jar and ran for the exit. The employee chased the man, who pushed him to the ground and then got into a white Chevrolet sedan. The suspect left south on Harper Avenue.

The employee provided police with a suspected license plate number, but it did not match any records. The employee then tried to get the delivery driver’s information from DoorDash customer service. The company said it would email him the information.


Road rage reported
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police went to the vicinity of 17 Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue April 23 upon hearing a caller say that a silver Hyundai’s driver had body-slammed her son.

Police went to the location and found the involved vehicles in a parking lot. Police said the Hyundai driver said he accidentally cut off a white Ford Maverick pickup truck on southbound M-53, and then the truck got in front, brake-checked the Hyundai and refused to let the Hyundai get around it.

At one point, the truck reportedly entered a parking lot but then left the lot and allegedly followed the Hyundai.

At some point, the vehicles stopped near 17 Mile Road, and then some fighting reportedly took place. Police said they spoke to the parties present and concluded that it was a “mutual combatant situation.” After giving the case number and telling the parties how to reach detectives, they took no further action.


Youths break into vacant department store
STERLING HEIGHTS — Sterling Heights police investigated an apparent break-in of the former Lord & Taylor department store at Lakeside Mall May 6.

Mall security reported witnessing five or six juveniles inside the empty store who were last seen exiting the store’s east doors and heading toward Shoreline Drive.

Police arrived and couldn’t find the suspects, and the Sterling Heights Fire Department also arrived because the suspects apparently had triggered a fire alarm. An investigation reportedly found no internal damage but revealed that zip ties that kept the east entrance closed had been severed. Authorities found a way to close it off again.


Bicyclist assaulted
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Just after 5 p.m. May 13, police were called to the area of 12 Mile Road and Taylor Street for a report of a fight in progress.

When police arrived, they found an 18-year-old man standing on the corner of Taylor Street and Harper Avenue with a bicycle. The man told police that he had been riding his bike southbound on Taylor Street, approaching 12 Mile Road, with a vehicle behind him. He stopped his bike at the stop sign, and the vehicle began honking at him, making hand gestures and telling him to move. He yelled at the vehicle’s occupants and asked them what he did wrong. They told him he belongs on the sidewalk. He said that when he refused to move, a man got out of the passenger side of the vehicle, grabbed his back tire, flipped him off the bike, got on top of him and punched him in the face. The 18-year-old then began calling for help, and the man left in the vehicle.

A witness provided police with a similar account of the events but said that the 18-year-old was refusing to move his bike out of the road and actually moved it in front of the vehicle to prevent it from leaving. He also allegedly made a rude hand gesture at the driver, which is when the passenger got out of the car and the assault occurred, the witness said.

The man sustained minor cuts and bruises from the altercation.


Minors arrested for alcohol, drugs and shooting paintballs
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — At 3:20 p.m. May 20, the Shelby Township Police Department’s dispatch center received calls about a red Chevrolet Corvette on M-53 shooting paintballs at other vehicles on the freeway. An officer in the area spotted the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop on 23 Mile Road, near M-53. The occupants of the vehicle were minors, and a search of the vehicle revealed three paintball guns, marijuana and alcohol. Charges were being sought for the occupants of the vehicle for minor in possession of alcohol, minor in possession of marijuana and propelling an object at a moving vehicle.


Texas Rangers tip leads to arrest
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — On May 25, a detective from the Texas Rangers notified Shelby Township police about a social media post containing threats to shoot and kill students at an unspecified school. The Ranger’s investigation of the post had tracked the suspect to an address in Shelby Township.

Shelby Township Police Department detectives picked up the investigation, and they identified an 18-year-old as the suspect, according to a post on the department’s page. The detectives interviewed the suspect and then arrested him for allegedly making terroristic threats.

The 18-year-old was taken to the Shelby Township Police Department pending arraignment. Police said they found weapons at the residence and removed them from the home.


Man arrested after allegedly stealing bike
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — A 49-year-old Detroit man was arrested after he allegedly stole a bike from an attached garage in the 200 block of Moross Road at around 2:51 p.m. June 11.

Witnesses said the man was going up to people’s front doors in the neighborhood and knocking on them, asking for money. The man was originally spotted on foot. Police said that when they located the man, he was wearing a court-ordered ankle tether. The man was found to be in possession of miscellaneous jewelry and a pair of folding camping chairs that were also believed to have been stolen, police said.

According to a police report, the man told a detective that if he let him go and dropped him off at the hospital, he would give him the “100 diamonds” he claimed to have in his pocket. The owner of the stolen bike identified it as having been taken from his open garage; the chairs reportedly had also been stolen from that garage. Police said the man had a folding knife in one of his pockets. A construction vest that witnesses had seen the man wearing was discovered discarded in the garage on Moross. The man was facing possible charges including burglary and bribery.


Ex-girlfriend calls ex-boyfriend 52 times
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — At 11 a.m. June 24, a township resident came to the Police Department to file a phone harassment complaint. The resident said that his ex-girlfriend had been harassing him over the phone. The resident stated that his ex-girlfriend had called him 52 times on June 24, requesting money over unpaid rent. Police contacted the ex-girlfriend and advised her to not contact her ex-boyfriend anymore; otherwise, charges would be sought for phone harassment.


Man disturbs gym, claims to be manager
STERLING HEIGHTS — Someone was reportedly acting in a disorderly manner June 26 at the LA Fitness in the 44700 block of Mound Road.

When police arrived the gym was closed, and they talked to a witness, who told them a man reportedly had gone into an employee area and taken an LA Fitness hat, claimed to be a gym manager, gave several sports drinks to patrons, ate other workers’ food and made a mess before leaving and hanging around in the parking lot.

Police said the suspect waved to police in the parking lot and said he originally called police. The man reportedly said he was a manager at a Roseville store and recently started working at the Sterling Heights location. Police asked how he had gotten there, and he allegedly said his car broke down by Metropolitan Parkway, so he walked.

Police told him that he needs to make sure other workers knew about any personnel changes if he really is a manager, and that until he can do that, the other workers don’t have to let him return and could have him arrested for trespassing. The suspect reportedly said he could be there whenever he wanted. Police added that the suspect allegedly said some “vaguely threatening things” before leaving, though police said they took no further action.


Customer asks to be arrested
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Officers were dispatched to Walmart, 51450 Shelby Parkway, for a disorderly subject inside the store at 10:21 a.m. July 2. Upon arrival, officers observed a man having a verbal argument with a Walmart employee near the automotive service section. The customer was being loud and was upset that the store wouldn’t return his car battery, which he purchased five years ago. The officers asked the customer to leave the store several times, as he was causing a scene. The customer told officers he would not leave the store and said to arrest him. Officers placed him under arrest for disorderly conduct.


Woman asks store employees to charge phone, wanders around entrance
FRASER — On July 3, Fraser officers were dispatched to the Meijer store at 34835 Utica Road on reports from staff about a woman acting erratically.

Upon arrival, the staff informed officers that the woman, a 41-year-old Fraser resident, requested the team members plug in her phone to charge and then left the store for a nearby restaurant. She was reportedly then observed wandering around the entrance.

Officers spoke to the woman, who reportedly permitted them to search her bag. Police reportedly discovered several controlled substances, including methamphetamine powder.

The woman was arraigned on drug charges and issued a bond of $2,500.


Fight breaks out at pizza shop
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police went to a pizza shop in the 2700 block of 14 Mile Road after hearing that a fight had broken out between two male employees, who reportedly each claimed the other had assaulted him, July 4.

One of the workers, who was off-duty, reportedly entered through the back and tried to access the kitchen because he wanted to quickly prepare a food order for his family. A coworker reportedly tried to prevent the off-duty worker from doing so because the manager hadn’t granted permission.

An argument reportedly led to someone walking “aggressively,” then a push, followed by punches and kicks, police said. Then the fight reportedly stopped, and the off-duty worker waited for his food order in his car and left once he had received it.

Police judged the two parties to be “mutual combatants” and submitted the case for closure.


Discharged hospital patient caught in act of larceny
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — Police arrested a 68-year-old Holly man after he was found stealing items from vehicles parked in the 300 block of Chalfonte Avenue at around 12:12 a.m. July 22.

According to a police report, when officers arrived on the scene, they found the suspect in a wheelchair in the street, accompanied by one of the victims, a 49-year-old Farms man. Police said the suspect had items scattered on the ground around him and had stolen items on him. The suspect reportedly said he had left nearby Ascension St. John Hospital two hours earlier and was rummaging through vehicles in search of cigarettes. Police said the suspect had items on his lap and in his bag that had been removed from a vehicle belonging to the victim’s family.

Police said they found lighters, car chargers, change, a box of gloves, a Payday candy bar, two decks of cards and tape on the ground. The suspect reportedly told police he had a mental order from the hospital for a closed head injury. Hospital security said the suspect had walked away — he hadn’t been discharged. Besides an active mental order, police said the suspect had active warrants against him for larceny. The suspect was taken back to the hospital for treatment, and the case was turned over to the detective bureau.


Employee accused of disorderly conduct
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — Police were called to a store in the 18000 block of Mack Avenue at around 10:41 a.m. July 24 for an employee of the store who was said to be intoxicated and refusing to leave.

Police said the suspect — a 25-year-old Eastpointe man — was wearing his store uniform while staggering around holding a bag of carrots. Police said the suspect refused to show them his identification or tell them who he was, and he also refused “repeated commands” by police to leave. They said that when they tried to arrest the suspect for trespassing and resisting/obstruction, he continued to not comply with police commands and kept resisting them.

The suspect denied being intoxicated but smelled of alcohol and had a blood alcohol level of 0.253% — more than three times the legal limit for a motorist, police said. A store employee told police that the suspect had shown up for work drunk and was asked to leave numerous times, but he refused. The store employee told police that the suspect was carrying bags of carrots and wouldn’t set them down.


Sports bras stolen from Kohl’s
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police went to Kohl’s, 44200 Schoenherr Road, near Hall Road, Aug. 5 after hearing about a shoplifting incident in which three women allegedly stole four Calvin Klein sports bras – each worth about $30 – and maybe other merchandise, too.

Police said the suspects each wore a tank top and shorts, and they reportedly were seen on camera pointing at bras while one allegedly stuffed some in a Macy’s bag. Then the suspects reportedly went to the fragrance section and grabbed some merchandise, though staff wasn’t sure if any of that was stolen. Police said the women then exited the store without paying, and officers couldn’t find the suspects when they investigated.


Man defrauded twice on Facebook marketplace
ST. CLAIR SHORES — A 57-year-old man was scammed twice in an attempt to purchase tools on Facebook Marketplace.

The victim came to the St. Clair Shores Police Department at 3:36 p.m. Aug. 5 to report the fraud after he had sent three Venmo payments totaling $120 and then was promptly blocked by the 20-year-old suspect.

The suspect, whose profile said he was from Whitehouse, Ohio, blocked the victim on Facebook after receiving the payments.

If once wasn’t bad enough, the victim sent a $200 payment through Venmo for tools on Facebook Marketplace again, this time to a different suspect, and was promptly blocked once the payment was received.

The 30-year-old suspect, of Columbus, Ohio, communicated with the victim until the payment was sent and then blocked the victim on Facebook.

The victim filed a claim with Venmo for both occurrences.


Drunken driver drives around honking, giving children money
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — At 10:30 p.m. Aug. 6, officers were dispatched to an apartment complex in the area of West Utica and Ryan roads for a report of an intoxicated man driving a vehicle around the complex, honking his car horn and giving money to children in the area.

Officers arrived and observed the vehicle driving through the parking lot of the apartment complex. The driver of the vehicle almost struck a police car head-on in the parking lot, according to the police report. Officers then initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle in the lot.

Upon speaking to the driver, officers reportedly could smell the odor of intoxicants on him. A preliminary breath test was administered, and the results were 0.30% blood alcohol content. The driver was then arrested for operating while intoxicated and transported to the Police Department.


Panhandler harasses McDonald’s customers, threatens staff
STERLING HEIGHTS — A man with a bicycle was reportedly panhandling, harassing customers and refusing to go away at the McDonald’s at 40422 Van Dyke Ave. Aug. 6, police said. The suspect also reportedly asked for money at the drive-thru window and allegedly threatened to slit at least one worker’s throat, though nobody witnessed a weapon. When police arrived, the suspect was already gone.


Family fight ends in Police Department parking lot
ST. CLAIR SHORES — A 32-year-old man struck his 54-year-old uncle at 1:38 p.m. Aug. 8 after his uncle refused to drive him to pick up drugs, according to a police report.

The suspect was riding with his uncle in a white vehicle on 11 Mile Road at Harper Avenue when an argument ensued, and the suspect allegedly struck the victim in the face.

The suspect tried to grab the steering wheel before the victim pulled into a parking lot, and the suspect fled and jumped into another 54-year-old’s Dodge Dart in the parking lot.

The Dodge Dart driver, a complete stranger, had gone to check on the suspect when he fell out of his uncle’s vehicle while attempting to flee, but the suspect jumped into the Dart’s back seat and ordered the motorist to drive away from the scene.

The victim drove to the St. Clair Shores Police Department with the suspect’s uncle following closely behind, but the suspect fled from the car as soon as it turned into the lot.

Officers arrived on the scene to find the suspect sitting on the lawn, and they noticed that he had a bag of empty needles.

The suspect’s uncle had a swollen right eye and was unable to see out of it. The Dodge Dart driver was unharmed.

The suspect had an active warrant for child neglect and was brought in on assault and battery charges.


Police search for alleged car thief
FRASER — Police were searching for a woman believed to be working as a prostitute after she allegedly stole a car from one of her clients.

According to the Fraser Department of Public Safety, on Aug. 9, the victim had allegedly hired the woman in Detroit, and then the pair reportedly traveled to a Fraser motel. Police said that both were taking drugs provided by the woman at the motel, which caused the victim to overdose. Motel staff located the victim and called 911.

Upon being revived, the victim realized his car and keys were missing, police said. Fraser investigators located an address believed to be where the woman resided. Upon searching the area, the vehicle was located but the woman was not, police said.

The suspect is wanted for one count of unlawful driving away of an automobile, although it is possible additional charges may be added in connection to the matter. The vehicle was returned to its owner on Aug. 17.


Face shield vandalized
GROSSE POINTE PARK — An unknown suspect is said in a police report to have “carved explicit words” into the face shield of a helmet left with a moped in the Windmill Pointe Park parking lot Aug. 15. The victim told police that when he returned to his vehicle, he discovered the vandalism.


Estimated 100 vehicles disturb Walmart parking lot
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police said they heard that an estimated 100 vehicles were reportedly racing and recklessly driving in the parking lot outside the Walmart at 44575 Mound Road, near Hall Road, after midnight Aug. 19.

Police said they got to the scene and told the people in the vehicles to leave the premises, which was private property. Police said they complied.


Homeowner noticed burglary on surveillance camera
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Officers were dispatched to the 21000 block of Sunnyside Street Aug. 22 after a 34-year-old man, who was not home at the time, noticed on his surveillance camera two suspects in ski masks entering his property.

As officers were heading to the scene, both suspects reportedly fled the scene on foot toward Avalon Street and were seen entering a red Dodge Charger. The Charger headed toward Harper Avenue and continued through the Eight Mile Road intersection before continuing westbound on Interstate 94.

Officers terminated the search due to a loss of visual contact.

Police said surveillance showed three suspects in the vehicle as they drove north on Helen Street before parking at the corner of Helen and Avalon.

One suspect reportedly stayed in the vehicle, while two suspects allegedly entered the property by the north side of the garage.

One suspect entered the garage through the window while the other suspect handed him a red backpack, police said.

Both suspects reportedly fled the scene as officers were dispatched, which leads police to believe they could potentially be using a police scanner.

The suspects were reportedly after the silver Jeep parked in the garage, but the broken axle on the garage door prevented the suspects from leaving with the vehicle, police said. The doors were left open, but nothing appeared to be missing. Both suspects reportedly wore gloves.

The homeowner informed officers that this was the third theft attempt of his Jeep, and he believes that the two suspects were the same suspects behind the first two.


Parole violator wanted for murder
GROSSE POINTE PARK — The Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Department responded to the area of Wayburn and Hampton streets, just outside the Grosse Pointe Park border in Detroit, about an apparently homeless person living in an empty building in that area at around 11:15 a.m. Aug. 23. According to a police report, the 41-year-old man living in the building was identified and found to be a parole absconder with a warrant against him for second-degree murder. The man was arrested and turned over to Wayne County law enforcement on the warrant.


Woman kicked out of gas station for kicking cabinet
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police went to a gas station in the 13600 block of Hall Road, near Schoenherr Road, Sept. 5 upon hearing that a woman had kicked a cabinet after being told that she couldn’t use the bathroom there. Police said the store said no damage occurred, and the woman reportedly went across Schoenherr.

Police said they told the suspect and another woman that they were banned from the gas station, so they could be arrested if they came back. The women reportedly said they were stranded — and police said one looked like she was intoxicated — so police gave them a ride to an Eastpointe address.


Parking lot assault
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — On Sept. 10, a suspect in his 60s saw two sports cars parked outside Zorba’s on Groesbeck Highway and apparently assumed the cars were improperly parked in accessible parking.

He went inside and announced that the owners needed to move their vehicles, after which, the owner told the suspect to leave his restaurant. The suspect reportedly went outside and pulled a switchblade knife on two people.

Clinton Township police arrested the suspect for felony assault.


Backpack robbery reported
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police investigated a reported robbery the night of Sept. 16 at Schoenherr and 19 Mile roads.

Police said the victim apparently had been walking to a nearby 7-Eleven when four males who were around 18 or 19 years old asked her if she could help them acquire alcohol and tobacco from the convenience store. When she refused and started walking away, one of them allegedly took her backpack, and then he and the others fled, the victim said. She added that one carried a butterfly knife.

When police investigated, they said the 7-Eleven reportedly had surveillance footage that wasn’t accessible at the time. Police were investigating.


Sugar put into vehicle’s gas tank
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex in the area of West Utica and Mound roads for a malicious destruction of property report at 6:45 p.m. Sept. 30. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the caller, who stated that she and her friend had parked their vehicle in the parking lot while visiting another friend in the complex. As they left the area and began to drive on the freeway, the vehicle’s engine started to sputter, and the check engine light came on.

The caller was able to drive her vehicle to a local auto shop, at which point they noticed that the gas cap was loose and there was sugar around the fill area. The caller believes that an ex-boyfriend might have put sugar in her gas tank. The case was turned over to the detective bureau for further investigation.


Suspect Tasered outside house
ST. CLAIR SHORES — An officer on patrol at Stephens Street and Mack Avenue at 1:13 p.m. on Oct. 3 observed a white Chevrolet Monte Carlo and discovered the vehicle was wanted for a felony fleeing and eluding case in Detroit.

After the officer confirmed the vehicle’s tag with the Detroit Police Department, the officer called for the vehicle to be towed. As police proceeded to take the car, the suspect came outside and confronted officers about the vehicle. The suspect ran and entered the vehicle as officers ordered him to exit the car.

After the suspect tried to start the vehicle and close the driver’s door, officers opened the door and stunned the suspect.

The suspect, who had numerous warrants, was placed under arrest.


Credit fraud under investigation
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — A 52-year-old Grosse Pointe Farms woman filed a report with police Oct. 5 after discovering that an unknown suspect had used her credit card to make several unauthorized purchases, including $2,168 worth of Detroit Lions tickets Oct. 4 and $2,703.55 worth of merchandise from a building products business in Fraser Oct. 4. The building products business remembered the person who had used the victim’s credit card and described the suspect to police.

In addition, the business told police that the suspect had dropped his wallet in the parking lot, so they had his real identity. The suspect could be facing fraud charges, police said.


Fight breaks out after attempt to steal TV
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — At 2:34 p.m. Oct. 6, officers were dispatched to an apartment in the area of West Utica and Ryan roads for a suspicious incident. The caller reported that three carloads of people were fighting in the parking lot.

Officers arrived on the scene and spoke to a witness, who stated that the people who had been fighting left the area prior to police arriving. Officers were able to locate a subject nearby who had a bloody lip. She stated that a known acquaintance came over to her apartment and attempted to steal her television. A fight then ensued, and the female acquaintance fled, along with several other people, prior to police arrival. Police were investigating and trying to locate the female acquaintance.


ATM door opening caused by wind
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police checked out a case of what looked like an ATM break-in Oct. 8 at Bank of America, 44100 Schoenherr Road, noting that the ATM’s door was “wide open.” Upon further investigation, police said, the ATM’s open door was found to be the result of wind and not human force. Special personnel was reportedly called to close the machine’s door.


Drug deal gone wrong
CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Clinton Township police responded to a report of shots fired on Oct. 10 and spoke with a witness who was shot.

The witness told officers he was driving a black SUV to a spot on Farmbrook Drive in order to sell a stranger marijuana. While sitting in his car, the witness was approached by three people and engaged in a gunfight, according to police.


Tempers flare at McDonalds’ drive-thru
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Officers were dispatched to the 31000 block of Harper Avenue at 9:51 p.m. on Oct. 12 after a 57-year-old woman said she was assaulted in the McDonald’s drive-thru.

As officers were heading toward the scene, they noticed a vehicle matching the description given by the victim. Officers stopped the vehicle at Rodgers Elementary School, and two females with McDonald’s bags shared their side of the story.

The 31-year-old suspect said she was in the drive-thru line because they forgot to give her an order of fries. While she argued with workers for a few minutes, the suspect said a gray Chrysler minivan honked its horn and nudged her vehicle while laying on the horn.

The suspect said she left her vehicle and confronted the driver of the minivan, but both parties left the drive-thru without any physical confrontation.

When officers returned to meet the caller, the victim said she waited for 20 minutes in the drive-thru and honked her horn when she became impatient.

The victim said the suspect yelled at her using profanity and then exited her vehicle and approached the victim’s vehicle. The victim said the suspect slapped her.

Drive-thru workers said the suspect was at the window for approximately five to 10 minutes, and neither workers nor cameras at the drive-thru could confirm any physical contact.

Officers said the victim’s face did not appear to have any redness or marks.


Customer damages store toilet
SHELBY TOWNSHIP — At 1:44 p.m. Oct. 12, officers were dispatched to a business in the 45000 block of Mound Road for a malicious destruction of property report. Upon arrival, officers spoke to a manager of the business, who stated that a customer had damaged a toilet in the restroom. The customer had left prior to police arriving. Police obtained the name of the customer and were attempting to contact him.


Gun allegedly pulled over dumpster dispute
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Officers were dispatched to the 22000 block of Industrial Drive for an alleged weapons violation at 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 14.

A 65-year-old man, who owns a business at the location, said he noticed a man driving a white Charger, who was dumping trash into his commercial dumpster.

When the victim went to confront the suspect, the suspect went to his vehicle and pulled out a gun.

The victim said the suspect racked a round into the chamber and pointed it to his side.

The victim said he slowly backed away as the suspect drove off after throwing a Red Bull can out of his car window. The can was collected as evidence and swabbed.

The victim said he was going to check his cameras and said the suspect’s vehicle was fully tinted and had a blue Michigan license plate.


Customer attempts to choke employee
SHELBY TOWNSHIP —  At 2:24 p.m. Oct. 15, officers were dispatched to a business in the 45000 block of Mound Road in regard to customer trouble. The manager of the business stated that a female suspect was destroying outdoor furniture and causing a disturbance. The suspect also reportedly attempted to choke another employee of the business.

Upon police arrival, the suspect had fled the scene. Officers were able to determine the name of the suspect and attempted to locate her — at her residence and in the immediate area — but were unable to locate her. Warrants were being requested against the suspect.


Suspect chased down by store manager
ST. CLAIR SHORES — A 63-year-old suspect attempted to steal liquor from a convenience store near the 27000 block of Harper at 5:43 a.m. Oct. 23.

The suspect reportedly entered the store with a face mask and baseball cap on and proceeded to the rear side of the store by the liquor. The suspect allegedly placed three bottles of vodka into his backpack.

When the store manager confronted him, the suspect allegedly punched the manager in the face before attempting to flee the store. The manager chased down the suspect and tackled him, causing two of the bottles to break in the bag.

The suspect was able to leave the store and fled in a dark sedan with another male suspect in the driver seat.

The suspect left his backpack at the scene, which contained medical paperwork, a yellow lighter, and a wallet containing cards with the suspect’s name.

Officers later learned that the suspect was arrested at the same location for stealing the same item.


Intoxicated driver flees crash scene
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — Police were called to the area of Chalfonte Avenue and Ridgemont Road at around 5:26 a.m. Oct. 29 for a car crash in which the driver who reportedly was at fault — a 21-year-old Harrison Township man — is said to have fled the scene on foot with his girlfriend, a 20-year-old Clinton Township woman. The driver, who police said was intoxicated with a blood alcohol level higher than 0.17%, is said to have struck two other vehicles and driven his vehicle onto the lawn of a home on Chalfonte. Police said they arrested the passenger, as well, for resisting police after she reportedly caused the driver to fall and she fell on top of him; police said the passenger was clinging to the man and refused to let go of him. Police said the passenger interfered with their arrest of the driver. A police report states that the driver told police that in addition to consuming alcohol, he had taken Novocaine, Percocet and marijuana. Police said they found a small bag containing marijuana on him after he was arrested. They said the driver refused medical attention, despite cuts on his arms and hands, and a cut on his forehead.


Group evicted from theater
STERLING HEIGHTS — Police went to the MJR cinema at 35400 Van Dyke Ave. the night of Nov. 4 after hearing that a group of people were yelling and disturbing the peace on the premises.

Police investigated and reportedly heard that a group of people, who were in the parking lot, had earlier argued with a female patron. According to the group, the patron first accused them of smoking in the theater and then told staff about it. Security reportedly told the group to leave.

Officers said they talked to the patron who had complained, and she reportedly told police that the group of people followed her, yelled at her and accused her of snitching.

Police told the group that they could no longer go to that cinema, and they reportedly said they would abide by that. No further police action was taken.


Doorbell camera catches vehicle burglary
ST. CLAIR SHORES — A 64-year-old man informed dispatch of a vehicle larceny taking place in the 21000 block of Benjamin Street at 6:01 a.m. on Nov. 6.

The victim’s doorbell camera reportedly alerted him to an intrusion into his 2020 Dodge Charger, which was parked in his driveway. The man told officers he accidently left the vehicle unlocked but that he put a steering wheel lock and a tire boot on the vehicle to prevent theft.

The 20-year-old suspect took a zipped bag of loose coins from the center console before fleeing.


Grocery store groping suspect arrested
GROSSE POINTE CITY — On Nov. 7, Grosse Pointe City Public Safety Department officials announced that they had arrested the male suspect whom they believe was responsible for grabbing the posterior of a female employee of The Village Kroger store Nov. 4. According to a police report, the suspect was seen on a surveillance camera walking past the victim several times before he reached out to grab her inappropriately. Police said the suspect could be facing fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct charges in connection with the incident.


Suspect steals over 100 packs of gum from gas station
ST. CLAIR SHORES — Officers responded to a possible theft at a gas station in the 23000 block of Harper Avenue at 9:48 a.m. Nov. 7.

The gas station manager informed officers that a male suspect driving an older model burgundy Ford F-150 entered the gas station at 11:20 p.m. Nov. 6. The employee said he confronted the suspect after he noticed he was grabbing multiple packs of gum and shoving them into his coat.

The suspect reportedly obliged by putting some of the gum back, but allegedly exited the store with 117 packs of gum stuffed in his coat.

He reportedly fled toward Harper.


Fraud reported at Domino’s
ST. CLAIR SHORES — A 45-year-old man who worked for Domino’s in the 27000 block of Harper Avenue went to the St. Clair Shores Police Department at 1:47 p.m. on Nov. 15 to report a fraud case.

The man informed officers that a customer had ordered several times using the same card between Nov. 2 and Nov. 7. He told officers, once the payments cleared, the charges were revoked and charged back to Domino’s a couple of days later.

The total was $769.21.