How to keep that cozy feeling post-holidays

By: Kayla Dimick | C&G Newspapers | Published January 29, 2020

 Candles and succulents can help spruce up a space after the holiday  décor comes down.

Candles and succulents can help spruce up a space after the holiday décor comes down.

Photo provided by Corie Conroy

METRO DETROIT — Once the tree, lights and garland are all packed away and sent to the basement until next year, it can leave homes feeling a little cold.

Local experts weighed in on how to keep that warm and fuzzy feeling long after the holidays are over.

The easiest thing to do, according to Corie Conroy, president of First Impression Home Staging, is to bring back the items that might have been cast aside to make room for the holiday flair, but with a new twist.

“Bring in different items you had in a different room. Accessories you had on the mantel before the holidays might look better on your coffee table. Rearranging things makes it look new again,” Conroy said. “That makes it look like a new room, and something a little bit more exciting after you take down all the bling after the holidays.”

Suzanne Lucas Binder, lifestyle concierge at Lucas Designs, also recommended rearranging the furniture to give your space new life.

“Revamp the furnishings to give your home a different flavor or a different structure. Add gifts you’ve gotten for the holidays too. Maybe somebody got you a beautiful throw that you can drape over the couch,” Lucas Binder said. “Or, exchange the things you got that you maybe don’t like for some new pillows for the sofa.”

Another way to keep the cozy coming is to add in some greenery to replace the Christmas tree.

“I think a lot of times adding new plants is a really good idea. You had a big Christmas tree up, and it had that lush feeling in the room and gave it some softness,” Conroy said. “Adding a tree or some kind of table plants could add the warmth back in after taking your big tree out.”

Conroy said she also recommends sprinkling in décor that can vibe with every season, such as succulents and candles.

“We are in a strange time of year where we don’t have any seasonal flowers or anything. Adding in succulents can warm things up a bit too,” she said. “It’s not a seasonal type of plant and is something you can use year-round.”

If trying to keep a plant alive isn’t your style, Lucas Binder recommended grabbing a floral bouquet at your local market to liven up a room.

“You had a big, fresh, green tree in your room. Go pick up a bouquet of roses,” Lucas Binder said.

Or, branches are always a good option, Lucas Binder said.

“Put those branches in a long cylinder glass. It’ll bring the outdoors in with that natural color,” she said. “You can have a large glass vase on the floor by the fireplace and fill that with twigs to give it some height.”

And since it’s still frigid outside, bundling up with a nice blanket can help the room feel warm.

“It’s wintertime, so we’re still going to be needing our blankets. Stores are featuring cozy blankets in faux furs and chunky knits,” Conroy said. “Adding those back in warms things up as well.”

And if you’re just plain over winter in Michigan, Lucas Binder said it’s OK to start dreaming of spring.

“When you sit with your cup of tea by the window, you can feel the spring coming in with the flowers next to you,” she said. “Maybe stop making pumpkin bread and start making lemon pound cake to give you that extra boost until spring.”