Hazel Park Police arrest second suspect in double homicide

Third suspect remains at large

By: Andy Kozlowski | Madison-Park News | Published September 28, 2023

 Keko Martin

Keko Martin


HAZEL PARK — Authorities believe they have captured the second suspect in a shooting that killed two men last year in Hazel Park.

Keko Martin, 31, of Detroit, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and a list of felony weapons charges.

Martin was arraigned by Magistrate Michael Mitchell in Hazel Park’s 43rd District Court Sept. 4, the same day he was arrested in Detroit with the help of Detroit police and deputies with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

He joins the first suspect, Michael Hicks, 40, who was arrested and arraigned on Feb. 24, 2022. Hicks was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and three felony gun charges.

Both men were denied bond and are being held in Oakland County Jail.

Martin’s attorney, Patrick Erwin Nyenhuis, declined to comment, while Delicia Taylor Coleman, the attorney representing Michael Hicks, said her client is innocent.

“We’re still litigating. We’re in the process of adjudicating the matter, looking for a day in court,” Coleman said. “My client had nothing to do with the homicide. We’re going to continue to fight for justice for all parties.”

Police are still searching for the third suspect: Ricco Hicks, 32, of Detroit, the younger brother of Michael Hicks. Anyone with tips about his whereabouts should call Hazel Park Police at (248) 542-6161.

There is also a reward of $1,000 being offered by Crime Stoppers of Michigan for anyone with information leading to the arrest of Ricco Hicks. The cash reward can be claimed via Crime Stoppers’ anonymous tip line, 1-800-SPEAKUP. Tips can also be made online at 1800speakup.org.

The double homicide occurred Jan. 14, 2022, at the former Timeless Gallery, a rental hall located at 21502 John R Road in Hazel Park. It has been closed since the incident.

Around 4:40 p.m. that day, a group of men approached a black 2018 Mercedes Benz in the parking lot where the victims — Eddie Matthews and Nathan Jacobs, both 29 and from Detroit — were sitting. The suspects reportedly brandished semiautomatic handguns and fired into the car, killing both men and causing bystanders at the business to flee.

The hall had been hosting a memorial service for Jayvon Cooley, who had been shot to death on Christmas Day 2021 while sitting in his car in Detroit. He was 26.

Police believe that the gunmen and victims at Timeless Gallery knew each other, and that the shooting was a targeted killing in retaliation for something.

“We’re still unclear on the exact reasons for it,” said Hazel Park Police Chief Brian Buchholz.

He lamented that it’s been difficult getting witnesses to provide more information.

“(The witnesses) are afraid to speak to police about what happened. Many people don’t like police for one reason or another. In this case, they’re afraid something could happen to them. But we want to talk to them, and we will keep them safe,” Buchholz said. “The people who committed these crimes are bad people, and they may possibly continue their crimes if they’re not stopped. They need to be held accountable.”

He said the incident was very unusual for Hazel Park.

“It was a very violent homicide, in broad daylight. It’s not something that is normal for our city of Hazel Park. It’s sad it was brought to our city. It was not started by our residents,” Buchholz said. “Even though we did not get much cooperation from the people at the repast, we still used all our resources that we could. The detectives, patrol officers, command officers — everyone did an excellent team effort of putting this case together and presenting it to prosecutors to get the homicide warrants that we did.”

Ed Klobucher, the city manager of Hazel Park, noted that Timeless Gallery remains closed, and is under new ownership as the building is renovated.

“I want to thank all the law enforcement agencies involved in the arrest of this suspect in that horrible crime,” Klobucher said. “Our Police Department is relentless in its mission to protect the people of Hazel Park.”

The police chief said he’s confident that justice will be served.

“Two down, one more to go,” Buchholz said. “Hopefully, the third suspect won’t take too long.”