Photo provided by Bryan Fenster

More than 100 days pass since Danny Fenster was imprisoned

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published September 9, 2021


FERNDALE — Huntington Woods native Danny Fenster has remained imprisoned in Myanmar for more than 100 days, and his family back home is calling on the military government to release him immediately.

The Fenster family, who hasn’t spoken to Danny since Aug. 1, held a press conference on the 100th day of his imprisonment to give an update on his case and raise awareness.

Fenster has been held in the Insein Prison in Yangon since May. He attempted to board a plane to surprise his parents, Buddy and Rose, back home in Huntington Woods. Fenster was detained by the military and taken into custody. It’s unknown why, but it has been the family’s belief that Fenster was taken because he is a journalist. He has been managing editor of Frontier Myanmar since August 2020.

Though Fenster has had multiple court appearances, the family stated during the press conference that Fenster has yet to be charged with any crime. Myanmar also has been on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and his family has worried about his condition because he is not vaccinated. The family stated during the press conference that Fenster told them during their last conversation Aug. 1 that he probably had the illness.

“He has been held now for 100 days and counting — without charge — and there is great uncertainty around his fate because we haven’t been able to speak with him for weeks which worries us deeply,” Buddy Fenster said in a prepared statement. “No journalist should be imprisoned simply for their profession. Danny has done nothing wrong, and he should and must be released immediately.”

“Our family is so proud of Danny’s passion for honest journalism, and his love of the world and different cultures. We miss him dearly and it is time for him to come home,” Rose Fenster said in a prepared statement.

Fenster had a court date on Sept. 6, where he was, again, remanded to prison, according to a Facebook post from his brother, Bryan Fenster. His next court appearance is scheduled to be Sept. 20.