Former Berkley football players, siblings on same collegiate roster

By: Mark Vest | Woodward Talk | Published October 29, 2014

Harrison Plaskey
Vince Plaskey

BERKLEY — Having an opportunity to play college football can be a unique experience in and of itself, but doing so on the same team and playing the same position as your brother can make the opportunity an even more special one.

Former Berkley players Harrison and Vince Plaskey are in just that position, as each of them are now part of Albion College’s football program. The brothers are linebackers for the Britons.

“Not many guys get to do that,” Harrison said of playing with his brother. “That’s pretty unique about my experience. It’s good for my family. My parents get to come out here and see both of us play. My cousins come out and watch us play. Even my sister flew in from New York to come watch us. I’m sure we’ll get together down the road, look back and see that it was pretty cool that I got to experience another three years with my brother.”

“I thought it would be much easier on my family, both of us going to the same school,” Vince said. “Much more fun for my family and myself. It’s a blast. Not many people can say they played two or three years with their brother in high school and in college. I haven’t heard of anybody else that’s played a college sport with their brother. It’s special.”

Harrison, who is a senior academically and a junior athletically, has been a part of two Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) titles since coming to Albion, while Vince, who is a sophomore, was a part of last season’s championship team.

Having already experienced what it is like to be an MIAA champion, each of the brothers wouldn’t mind more of the same.

“Our main goal every year is to win the MIAA,” Harrison said. “Those are special. Hope to win it this year. The nice thing about Albion is winning the league is a good thing — it’s what we expect to do. It’s very exciting.”

“It was a life-changing thing,” Vince said of winning an MIAA championship. “That was the most exciting thing in sports I’ve been a part of. It was a lot of fun.”

Harrison has chosen economics and management as his major, while Vince is majoring in physics. Although they have chosen different academic paths, what they do have in common is a similar opinion as to what the experience of being a collegiate student-athlete has been like.

“It was a tough transition at first, but I love it now,” Harrison said. “All the guys make it a lot easier to be here; lot of fun being on campus, too. The coaches really helped with the transition. It’s been a lot of fun. The chance to play football past the high school level is unbelievable.”

“I love it,” Vince said. “Great experience, so far. It’s been very rewarding. Not many people get the opportunity to do this.”

Having the opportunity to play with a sibling isn’t the only unique experience the Plaskeys have had.

Harrison said that Albion’s current head football coach, Craig Rundle, was previously a defensive coordinator at Wayne State University, when Harrison and Vince’s father, Michael Plaskey, played for the program. Prior to playing for Albion, both Harrison and Vince also played for former Berkley coach Jim MacDougall, whom Harrison said was previously a coach at Royal Oak Shrine when Michael Plaskey was a part of that football program.