East Detroit football looks to build on win

By: Jon Malavolti | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published September 28, 2011


Firsts are vital in football.

First to the ball. Getting a first down. First to score. First off the line of scrimmage.

Being first can be make the difference in winning and losing, and of course, finishing in first place.

That’s why East Detroit’s 33-26 victory over Warren Lincoln Sept. 16 is such a big deal, as it was the Shamrocks’ first win of the season.

“That was a huge win for us,” said Anthony Kiner, who’s in his first year as head coach of the Shamrocks. “That’s the first building block we needed to have.”

The week-four win took East Detroit to 1-3 overall, with a game against Warren Fitzgerald played after press time. The victory was especially sweet for the Shamrocks after battling three straight strong opponents to open the season in Roseville High, St. Clair High and Marine City. At press time, those three squads had an impressive combined overall record of 11-1.

“Our first three games were really tough,” Kiner said. “We played a good game playing against Lincoln.”

The coach said the Shamrocks were “controlling the whole game,” leading the host Abes until Lincoln went ahead late for the first time in the Macomb Area Conference crossover contest.

But East Detroit wasn’t ready to let its first win of the season slip away and responded.

“We came right down and scored, and put them away with an interception,” Kiner said. “We learned to build and not quit, even if we get down, to go score.”

The coach noted the effectiveness of the squad’s jet sweep play and junior Tyrell Yharbrough as keys to the win.

Next up for the Shamrocks is smoothing out their play and focusing on consistency as the second half of the season gets under way.

“I just want to see assignment football,” Kiner said. “We learned playing those big boys those first three weeks, you can’t play non-assignment football and get away with it. If we play assignment football, we’ll be pretty good.”

Catch East Detroit in action at 7 p.m. Sept. 30 when the Shamrocks host Madison Heights Madison.