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Published April 6, 2015

A greener, warmer Michigan might signal the end of winter driving, but the end of winter advisory alerts doesn’t mean that drivers can let down their guard.

According to AAA Public Affairs Director Susan Hiltz, many people take road trips around this time of year. But she said some vehicles may need to prepare for a transition between local cold winter driving and driving over the next couple of months.

Road trips also require careful attention to surrounding traffic, she said.

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Published April 1, 2015

METRO DETROIT — Elegance and simplicity are essential elements of award-winning home design.

“Our clients want quality architectural details,” said John VanBrouck, of Luxe Homes, one of the winners of the Detroit Home Design Awards, held March 24 at The Fillmore Detroit. “They are looking for something that is different, unique and creative with classic styling.”

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Published April 1, 2015

METRO DETROIT — With spring right around the corner, it won’t be long before farmers markets open up, ready to bring shoppers the locally grown produce that may not have all the chemicals that larger grocers might sell.

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Published March 31, 2015

EASTPOINTE/ROSEVILLE — Potholes appearing in Eastpointe and Roseville are not as bad as they were last year, but rather more in line with the usual amount, according to public services directors in both cities.

Eastpointe Department of Public Works Director Mary Van Haaren said that, as is typical for the spring, work crews are out almost daily to go through the city and deal with potholes.

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Published March 31, 2015

MOUNT CLEMENS — After deliberating for hours March 20 at the Macomb County Circuit Court following three days of murder trial proceedings, a jury found Noland Brown, of Eastpointe, guilty of voluntary manslaughter and felony firearm.

Brown was charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of his neighbor, Deryl Bohannon, on June 4, 2014, but Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor John Hunt suggested that if the jury felt there was not enough cause to find Brown guilty of that crime, it could convict him of a lesser one.

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Published March 31, 2015

EASTPOINTE — The city of Eastpointe has gone through numerous changes, starting as a village, growing to an urbanized city built on the strength of the auto industry, then weakening — but surviving — as the boom times ended.

That history is the subject of Mayor Suzanne Pixley’s newest book, titled “Eastpointe.” The book is part of Arcadia Publishing’s Images of Modern America line and focuses on the last 50 years, Pixley said.

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Published March 30, 2015

Most auto owners want their cars to go the distance on durability, but it often requires driver diligence to succeed, according to some auto repair businesses.  

According to Hal Collins, owner of Hal’s Auto Clinic in Farmington Hills, his business sees lots of cars with around 200,000 miles on their odometers.

“The manufacturers have done a great job of making the cars more durable,” he said.

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Published March 27, 2015

WARREN — It has become a tradition flanked with its own Paris-like runway. 

Every year, Regina High School parents, students, alumni and friends gather for the school’s annual fashion show that the Regina Mothers Guild sponsors. The goal is to raise money for the school.

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Published March 26, 2015

Did you, a parent or grandparent fight in World War II, work in a factory to support the war effort, or plant a “victory garden” to feed the family when wartime rationing made things scarce?

If the answer is yes, then we want you, or them.

World War II ended 70 years ago this year with the formal surrender of Japan on Sept. 2, 1945. On May 8, the world will recognize the 70th anniversary of V-E Day, which marked the end of the war in Europe.

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Published March 26, 2015

METRO DETROIT — For more than 300 same-sex couples across the state of Michigan, March 22, 2015, was a very special day, for it marked the one-year anniversary of their weddings.

Their marriages took place in the brief window of time last year after a federal district court judge struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban, but before the state appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court and had that decision put on hold.

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Published March 25, 2015

METRO DETROIT — In William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” the revered poet and playwright said that “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

More than 400 years later, that quote can be attributed to something more traditional and commonplace: interior design and real estate.

Home staging is arguably more popular than it’s ever been before. The process of preparing a home to make it more appealing to potential buyers has become vital to those who sell homes.

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Published March 25, 2015

METRO DETROIT — Let’s face it: When it comes to snapping prom photos, seniors are probably more concerned with what their Instagram feed will look like than how the actual printed photos will turn out.

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Published March 25, 2015

ROSEVILLE — The weekend-long RoseFest event is still months away, but more details are emerging and plans are solidifying for the multiday festival at Veterans Memorial Park.

City Manager Scott Adkins said progress for the festival is “continuous, fast and furious” and that the organizers are trying to line up craft and food vendors, as well as entertainers and musicians.

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Published March 25, 2015

ROSEVILLE — A Roseville High School senior has been declared a finalist for the National Merit Scholarship, an honor that only 0.1 percent of all high school seniors receive.

Nathan Richendollar has managed to secure the prestigious honor while finishing high school, taking advanced placement courses, participating in multiple extracurricular activities, playing music and writing.

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Published March 24, 2015

LANSING — Third time’s the charm.

At least that’s what Matthew Falk is hoping when it comes to Logan’s Law, a bipartisan bill his own dog helped to inspire.

Michigan Rep. Paul Muxlow, R-Brown City, reintroduced the legislation to the Michigan House of Representatives on March 17 in hopes of getting support from the House and eventually the Senate to create a registry database for convicted animal abusers.

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Published March 23, 2015

The spring starts a new season of construction, but awareness could keep drivers from being barraged by sights of barrels during their commutes — or at least let them plan for a longer drive.

Oakland and Macomb counties’ road commissions have announced several upcoming projects for the spring and beyond.

According to Bob Hoepfner, director of the Macomb County Department of Roads, his agency plans to do about $42 million in roadwork this construction season.

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Published March 20, 2015

MOUNT CLEMENS — Eastpointe resident Noland Brown stood trial March 18-20 in Macomb County Circuit Court for the shooting death of his neighbor, Deryl Bohannon, on June 4, 2014.

The jury found Brown guilty of voluntary manslaughter, a lesser charge than the second-degree murder charge that the prosecution had sought, as well as felony firearm. Brown's sentencing has been scheduled for April 29; he is currently being held in the Macomb County Jail.

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Published March 19, 2015

Anthony Webster, an Eastpointe man accused of killing his wife, Christina Lazzana-Webster, was sentenced in Macomb County Circuit Court March 19 to 12-20 years in prison on a second-degree murder charge, with another two years for a felony firearm charge.

Webster received credit for 51 days served on the first charge and 730 days for the second.

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Published March 17, 2015

Lego lovers rejoice.

Michigan’s first and only attraction based on the world-famous Lego brick is coming to Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills next year.

The schedule calls for construction to begin this summer on Legoland Discovery Center Michigan and for the project to be completed in spring 2016, according to an announcement by Merlin Entertainment, which operates Legoland attractions worldwide.

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Published March 16, 2015

ROCHESTER — After years of fading into the background, the sounds of bells, whistles, digitized music and flippers hitting pinballs are coming back.

That old arcade mainstay has seen breaths of new life during the past few years, and enthusiasts around metro Detroit are helping put pinball machines back into the spotlight with local leagues running throughout the year, and a four-day annual event — the Michigan Pinball Expo — scheduled for April.

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