WL Central students give back to local food pantry

By: Cari DeLamielleure-Scott | West Bloomfield Beacon | Published February 17, 2016


WALLED LAKE — The Walled Lake Central High School Student Council held its annual Souper Bowls fundraiser during all three school lunches Jan. 28, ladling out donations to the Hospitality House Food Pantry in Walled Lake.

Souper Bowls is an extension of the school’s annual canned food drive and is designed to raise money for the Hospitality House, said senior Noah Bloom, president of the Walled Lake Central Student Council.

Walled Lake Central students and staff members purchased tickets to gain entry into a special lunch at which they were served a bowl of soup, bread and water. The tickets cost $5, and every cent raised was donated to the Hospitality House. Between donations from the students and soup purchases, the Student Council raised $1,882.78 for the food pantry. 

Bloom said there is a specific meaning behind giving students a bowl of soup and bread. 

“We don’t want to give kids too much food because when you go to a soup kitchen, you really only get one bowl of soup and one piece of bread,” Bloom said, adding that the council wanted to emphasize that it’s important to realize how fortunate the students and staff are. 

The Student Council partnered with Uptown Grille Restaurant in Commerce Township for the fundraiser, and Uptown Grille provided the soup for the event. Alex Kossak, Uptown Grille owner, said they have participated in the event with Walled Lake Central for seven years. 

“We did help (with) a lot of different programs from Walled Lake Schools. … They reach us out, and we help them. Pretty simple,” Kossak said. 

Bloom said the fundraisers that the Student Council sponsors are student driven — students organize them and students donate. 

“We don’t raise money for ourselves; we raise money for other causes,” Bloom said. “The big thing about it is we’re doing these fundraisers month after month, and we’re able to ask one more thing of (students) … after we’ve already done another fundraiser. … We keep asking, and they’re not asking much back.”

Bloom said Walled Lake Central is one of the Hospitality House’s biggest donors, and the food pantry counts on the school to fill the warehouse with canned goods yearly. 

“We do as much as we can for them because … there’s a lot of people in our school who actually rely on the Hospitality House,” Bloom said. 

The Hospitality House has a variety of ways that people can donate. To learn more about donating money or food, adopting a utility bill, special donations, hosting a fundraiser or corporate sponsorships, visit www.hhfp.org.