Widening project to take place at 23 Mile, Shelby Parkway intersection

By: Joshua Gordon | Shelby - Utica News | Published July 30, 2018

 Macomb County will widen 23 Mile Road and Shelby Parkway to account for more traffic due to continued industrial growth along Shelby Parkway. The project will provide better traffic flow from Shelby Parkway to M-53.

Macomb County will widen 23 Mile Road and Shelby Parkway to account for more traffic due to continued industrial growth along Shelby Parkway. The project will provide better traffic flow from Shelby Parkway to M-53.

Photo by Joshua Gordon


SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Plans are underway to expand the roadway at the 23 Mile Road and Shelby Parkway intersection, near M-53, as more industrial development has congested the area with higher traffic volumes.

The Michigan Department of Transportation awarded the Macomb County Department of Roads a Transportation Economic Development Fund grant totaling $1.647 million to cover 60 percent of the project, which is estimated to cost $2.745 million. Macomb County will pay $740,500, and Shelby Township will invest $357,500 to cover the remaining costs.

Bryan Santo, director of the Macomb County Department of Roads, said that the proposed plans will make dual left turn lanes from eastbound 23 Mile to northbound Shelby Parkway. That will require widening the road on the south side of 23 Mile to make room for the additional lane.

Plans also call for widening southbound Shelby Parkway to account for dual right turn lanes onto westbound 23 Mile that will give trucks easier access to M-53. There will also be some additional widening on 23 Mile, west of Shelby Parkway.

Finally, an additional lane will be added to the northbound M-53 off-ramp for traffic turning right onto eastbound 23 Mile to make a total of three lanes.

Santo said the continued development of that area has necessitated some work to alleviate traffic during peak times.

“With the traffic volumes and commercial business and trucking in that area along Shelby Parkway, the intersection was in need of improvement for increased service and to help reduce delays through that intersection,” Santo said. “A lot of the businesses have specific delivery times to get from manufacturing sites to plants, so we want to increase the function through the intersection to produce a better flow.”

Santo said the money is accounted for, but now the project will move into the design phase. Some property acquisitions must also take place, as well as the relocation of some utility poles, so Santo said he anticipates the construction to start in the spring of 2020 and wrap up by the end of that summer.

The TEDF grant is a category A grant, which focuses on providing assistance for addressing the transportation needs of companies and eliminating road shortcomings as an obstacle for private investment and new jobs.

In this case, MDOT states that the grant supports the creation of 1,023 new jobs in Macomb County and leverages $102.4 million in private investment.

Along Shelby Parkway, Grupo Antolin invested $63.2 million in a new facility with 733 jobs, Means Transform Products invested $28.2 million with 100 jobs, and Flex-N-Gate invested $11 million and transferred 190 jobs from Illinois.

SAPA Transmission also announced that it has moved its North American headquarters to Shelby Parkway and will build a new production facility with more than 200 jobs in the next few years.

Shelby Township Supervisor Richard Stathakis said this roadwork has been planned for almost two years as county and township officials have talked with residents and businesses about the needs at that intersection.

“We all knew this was a problem, but we had to wait until there were some buildings to go along with nice new roads,” Stathakis said. “Coming off of M-53 onto 23 Mile Road, that is a big intersection. We want to get it to the point that the traffic is moving faster.”

Along with the industrial companies, Shelby Parkway is home to a Hampton Inn and a Walmart Supercenter. There are also several residences and smaller businesses at the intersection of 23 Mile and Shelby Parkway.

Stathakis said that with that area zoned for more business, having the proper road infrastructure will help the continued growth.

“These types of businesses coming in and making headquarters here is creating new wealth in the township,” Stathakis said. “That is new wealth coming into Shelby Township from all over the world, which is a great thing for the township.”