West Bloomfield resident Danielle Bahoora sings a song in September 2017 at SCL Royal Oak near her producer, Adad Raikany, also known as Adagio.

West Bloomfield resident Danielle Bahoora sings a song in September 2017 at SCL Royal Oak near her producer, Adad Raikany, also known as Adagio.

Photo provided by Danielle Bahoora

West Bloomfield singer tunes in to life experiences

‘It is pretty exciting to see how far we’ve come’

By: Sherri Kolade | West Bloomfield Beacon | Published December 19, 2018


WEST BLOOMFIELD — Do you dare to be different? Do you dare take a chance? Do you dare to imagine? Do you dare to create?

Those questions were sung by an enthusiastic young girl — her ponytail bobbing in punctuation for each question  — who probably could not have imagined where her voice would take her.

West Bloomfield resident Danielle Bahoora, 24, has had a song to sing and a story to share with others since she can remember using her vocal cords to express herself.

Bahoora’s video on Instagram of her singing as a child is one of many moments that capture her bubbly personality.

“I’ve been singing since I was a kid, but seriously for the past five years I’ve been in the music business,” she said. She met her producer and manager five years ago, when she became official.

“He was looking for local talent at an event I was singing at; I was looking for someone to write me songs. We kind of both had the same drive … to succeed.”

Their drive led them to create an independent music label, Trion Music Group.

“(We) would like to build something from the ground up — that is what we have been doing,” she said, adding that it is exciting to see how far she has come.

The local singer has sung in many venues and has a new single out, “Lies & Butterflies.”

“I really love the ability to create something out of nothing, having original music,” she said, adding that her new single is about the feeling a person gets when being with someone they like, such as their crush.

“When you are around your friends and family and really comfortable around them and don’t really think of what to say … it is kind of the exact opposite.”

She said “Lies & Butterflies” is about the idea that people aren’t themselves around their crush. It’s about the butterflies they get in their stomach.

Bahoora’s influences are Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Adele and the like. She sings pop and indie-style music.

Her single is available for streaming on any device that allows streaming.

Her local producer and manager, Adad Raikany, said that Bahoora has come a long way and is a hard worker.

“When I met her, her vocal abilities were good, but she knew how much more she had to do,” he said, adding that her singing routine is very rigorous. “She is one of the hardest-working people I have ever worked with.”

He said she is charitable, and sometimes performs for places that don’t have big budgets.

“(She is) just a wholesome person, and her dream … is just to be able to use her talent (and) use her voice as a tool to express herself,” he said. “She wants to deliver a positive message — does not ever want to be a bad influence to her fans.”

Bahoora’s father, Mike Bahoora, said he is “very proud” of his daughter.

Danielle Bahoora attended West Bloomfield High School, and earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from Oakland University and a master’s degree in health care administration from Oklahoma State University.

“We all know she is a really talented singer,” Mike Bahoora said, adding that when his daughter was about 6 or 7, she sang at her younger brother’s baptism, and Mike Bahoora pretty much knew then that she would sing in the future.

“We thought it was cute and adorable at the time,” he said, adding that his family is part of the large Chaldean community locally, and she his daughter at many events.

“She does a lot of charitable work,” he said.

For more information, go to www.daniellebpm.com.