Warren to roll out new waste collection bins this fall

By: Brian Louwers | Warren Weekly | Published September 14, 2018

WARREN — Beginning in late October or November, Warren residents will begin receiving the first of up to three 96-gallon bins for the collection of waste, recycling and compost materials.

The program, approved unanimously by the Warren City Council on Aug. 28, will provide all residents of single-family homes and detached condominiums will one bin for trash. Residents who currently recycle will be eligible to receive an additional bin at the same time, earmarked for those materials. Those who routinely place yard waste curbside can receive a third bin in April.

Deputy Public Service Director Gus Ghanam said the city will do a survey before the bins are distributed to determine which homes will receive which bins.

There will be no additional costs for the new program or the bins, which will be numbered and assigned by address. The program also involves the purchase of equipment to outfit the city’s existing fleet of trucks to handle the bins until new trucks are delivered next year.

The program will cost the city roughly $1.2 million annually over the life of the seven-year lease with SSI Schaefer. However, City Purchasing Agent Craig Treppa said Waren is expected to realize a total of $2.3 million in savings over the life of the agreement thanks to reduced costs for truck maintenance, regular and overtime labor, and insurance. The city will also sell its existing fleet once the new trucks arrive to partially offset the costs of the new vehicles.  

“This is a very exciting program for the city of Warren. We are going to move into the 21st century,” Ghanam said. “We’ve been working on this for eight months. It finally came to fruition, a lot of planning. We did our due diligence on it. We got great pricing.”

City Councilman Steven Warner said the bins themselves are of a more sturdy construction with stronger, tighter-fitting lids. Councilman Robert Boccomino pointed out that the bins are made of 35 percent recycled materials.

Several council members stated that they believe the bins will help keep rodents and other animals out of the trash.

“I think we’re actually going to realize a savings on that,” Councilman Scott Stevens said. “We spend a whole lot of money baiting rats.”

Ghanam said the trash and recycling bins will be delivered by the contractor directly to Warren homes in late October or November. Compost bins will be delivered in April. Anyone wishing for additional bins will be able to purchase them at the $42.65 cost passed along to the city.

Councilman Keith Sadowski asked that an ordinance change be considered, if necessary, allowing the bins to be placed on the side of the home due to their size.

“It’s quite a large project, and the effort that the administration has made, I think, should be applauded,” City Council President Cecil St. Pierre said. “I’m glad to see this thing from an environmental point of view and from a beautification point of view.”

The bins will be blue for trash, blue with a green top for recycling and blue with a brown top for compost.