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 The 30th annual Walk for Warmth took place at Macomb Mall Feb. 29. More than 200 made laps around the mall to raise money and awareness for those who need heating assistance in the winter.

The 30th annual Walk for Warmth took place at Macomb Mall Feb. 29. More than 200 made laps around the mall to raise money and awareness for those who need heating assistance in the winter.

Photo provided by Macomb Community Action

Walk for Warmth raises more than $18,000

By: Brendan Losinski | C&G Newspapers | Published March 16, 2020

MACOMB COUNTY — Macomb Community Action is reporting a successful result from this year’s Walk for Warmth fundraiser at Macomb Mall.

The walk took place Feb. 29 and raised more than $18,000 to help those in need.

“We were up in participation. We had over 200 people participate this year compared to 160 people last year,” said Division Director for Community Services Joe Cook. “We raised slightly less money with $18,500 because we had fewer big sponsors. Overall, we were happy with the event.”

The Walk for Warmth is done by volunteers who take part in a community walk through Macomb Mall in Roseville.

“People register to come to the event and walk a 5K loop at Macomb Mall to raise money and raise awareness of the heating and utility needs of those in the county,” said Cook. “We give people a shirt and medal for participation, and hopefully raise some money for those who need it.”

It was the 30th anniversary of the event, which tries to assist Macomb County residents who need help with heating in the winter.

“This was our 30th annual event and it’s our big fundraiser for the year to support those who slip through the cracks,” Cook explained. “We try to help those who may be just over the federal guidelines for assistance but still need help paying bills or replacing a furnace or something.”

Since it began, the event has raised more than $768,000 to help ensure that local families can stay warm in their homes throughout the winter. In 2019, the event provided support to 37 families and 72 individuals. The help is given in a variety of ways.

“These are people who have a need for utility assistance and may not qualify for different programs or have no remaining help left from other agencies,” said Cook. “This could mean repairing a furnace or paying some heating bills. We target these people with these dollars because they may not be able to get help in any other way.”

Ernest Cawvey, the director of Macomb Community Action, said in a press release that those who chipped in and did their part can be proud.

“At this anniversary event, we reflected on how proud we are of Macomb residents who have come out to the Walk for Warmth to support their neighbors in need for 30 years,” Cawvey stated. “Year after year, Macomb residents show up and demonstrate that Macomb County is a community that cares for those in need, and this event makes a real difference in people’s lives every year. We couldn’t do the good work that we do at Macomb Community Action without all of this support from Macomb residents and our partners.”

Cook said the need is very real and very important.

“We hear that we are over the recession and things are better, but there are still a lot of people who still need a hand,” he said. “Michigan winters can be harsh. Originally, we held it outside so people can feel how harsh the cold in the winter can be. We hold it indoors now, but the message still remains: There are people — our neighbors — who need assistance.”