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Utica police looking for owner of ring

By: Kara Szymanski | Shelby - Utica News | Published November 14, 2019

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UTICA — The Utica Police Department is looking for help in finding the owner of a ring that a good Samaritan turned in at the department Nov. 13.

The ring was turned in after being discovered in a Boy Scouts donation bag at a local business on Van Dyke Avenue, north of Hall Road.

Officers are hoping to inform the public and reunite the ring with its rightful owner.

Utica Police Chief Sean Coady said that it is a type of wedding ring, and if the owner can come to the Police Department and describe the ring correctly, then officers will return it to the rightful owner.

“It’s a form of wedding ring, and if anybody who might find they are missing the ring comes forward (and) can give us a description of the ring they are missing, we would happily help them get it back,” Coady said.

There is only a certain amount of time that the department can hold on to the ring, so the owner will want to come into the station as soon as possible, or call.

“When someone finds something like this and it’s turned in, there’s only a short time period where officers have time to find the owner of the ring. Hopefully, we can get them reunited with their property,” said Coady.

The department would like to help out the owner, who may be missing the important and valuable piece of property.

“We wanted to reach out to the public and notify them that this ring was found and to make sure the owner can get it back,” said Coady.

Utica Police Sgt. Matthew Kaluzny said he hopes that they can help out the owner.

“It was nice to see that people would think enough to turn in the ring to (the) police in an attempt to locate the owner,” he said.

Anyone with information on the ring can call the Utica Police Department at (586) 731-2345 or visit the department at 7550 Auburn Road.