Township board chooses new waste hauling service

By: Thomas Franz | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published September 16, 2015


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — A process that began in mid-May to select a new waste hauling service for Macomb Township came to an end on Sept. 9.

During a township Board of Trustees meeting that night, the board voted unanimously to select Rizzo Environmental Services as the township’s new waste hauler.

Rizzo will replace Waste Management beginning Oct. 1.

By switching to Rizzo, township legal counsel Tom Esordi said during the meeting that residents would see a rate decrease between 15 and 33 percent.

“This is by far the lowest price around in any of the surrounding communities on what’s being provided,” Esordi said.

The contract with Rizzo is for five years and doesn’t include fuel surcharges or charges for township facilities.

The cost per household will be $13.25 per month for residents and $10.25 per month for seniors. Seniors also will not be billed until Jan. 1, 2016, so they will get the first quarter of the new contract for free.

Residents may request a 65-gallon recycling bin from Rizzo for no charge. For trash and yard waste containers, residents can rent those for a charge of $1 per month. That rental charge under Waste Management was $3.95 per month, township Trustee Roger Krzeminski said.

If residents currently have purchased containers from Waste Management or another company, Rizzo will still haul trash from those containers.

“If residents don’t need to purchase them, they don’t have to,” Trustee Dino Bucci said.

The unanimous approval of Rizzo on Sept. 9 concluded a summer-long process on the township’s waste hauling service.

The board initially sent out a request for bids on May 15, and those bids were opened on June 16. A special meeting was held on July 1 to review those bids, which were then rejected on July 22.

The board then sent out a request for proposals on July 30, and those proposals were due in early August.

By issuing the request for proposals, the township’s legal counsel could work with waste hauling companies on finding solutions for specific services like senior discounts, a topic that would not have been allowed to be discussed during the bid process.

The four companies that were competing for the contract were Rizzo, Emterra Environmental USA, Advanced Disposal and Waste Management.

“It’s been one of the nicest experiences I’ve had in a long time in dealing with the four companies,” Esordi said. “They were very professional. Each one of them was very responsive. All of them were top notch as far as responding to the community and attempting to provide a great service to the community. Everybody has been absolutely outstanding.”

Despite the lengthy process, Bucci said the board was able to accomplish its goal of selecting a new waste hauler.

“Our goal was to provide them (township residents) a good service at a substantially less cost, substantially less than what they were paying,” Bucci said. “That’s why we canceled the first contract, because the prices were high. The board, in complete unison, stated we didn’t want that. We wanted the prices obviously lower.”