The Friday 5 — April 17-19

Your guide to staying at home this weekend

C&G Newspapers | Published April 15, 2020

For this week’s stay-at-home edition of the Friday 5, we asked C & G staffers for their exercise recommendations for another weekend inside — or outside, keeping social distancing in mind. Here are their suggestions: 

1. Teddy bear hunt
I’ve loved walking my dog these past couple of weeks and spotting all the teddy bears in neighbors’ windows. It’s part of a “bear hunt,” meant for families with young kids, so they can make a game out of taking a walk to get some fresh air. Those little reasons to smile are more important than ever.  
— Tiffany Esshaki, Staff Writer

2. Dance classes
Living room dance classes are perfect for those of us who would love to dance but could never get over the fact that people might see it happen *shudder*. Some local studios are streaming lessons for all ages, abilities and styles where the class participants and teacher can all see each other, which can be a bit less intimidating for us wallflowers, and some offer lessons to download and do by yourself. 
— Annie Bates, Editor

3. Yoga
Adriene Mishler, a yoga instructor and actor based in Austin, Texas, offers free at-home yoga videos on her YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene. She releases a monthly calendar with a free yoga video for each day. It’s tremendous for your physical and mental health. 
— Sarah Wojcik, Staff Writer

4. Outdoor games
Social media is full of creative ideas for making fun games for kids outside, including recreating classic board games like Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land with sidewalk chalk in the driveway or spray paint on the lawn. 
— Jon Malavolti, Editor

5. Mindful breathing
Mindful breathing and breathing exercises are refreshing health tools that can be used at almost any time and under any circumstances, even while standing in line to get groceries or when the uncertainty of the pandemic seems suffocating. There are many to choose from, just search the keyword and see what speaks to you. 
— Annie Bates, Editor