Teen reportedly brings air gun to school

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published February 5, 2018

Troy police were called to Athens High School after a 16-year-old student reportedly brought an Airsoft air gun to the school the morning of Jan. 29.  

Troy police Sgt. Meghan Lehman said that police took a report and the case “remains open.” She noted that possession of an air pistol is not a criminal offense. 

Kerry Birmingham, director of communications and strategic initiatives for the Troy School District, said that the student was dealt with according to the student code of conduct, but she could not say what action had been specifically taken because of privacy laws. 

“It’s not something that we would take lightly,” Birmingham said. 

In an email letter to parents Jan. 29, Athens Principal Lara Dixon stated that “a student was reported to have brought weapons to school in a backpack, including an Airsoft-style weapon and some type of baton. A fellow student reported the situation to Athens staff, the student was detained. The Troy Police Department was immediately contacted.”

She said the Troy Police Department and Athens administrators responded to successfully address the situation, “which is localized to the one student and poses no further danger to staff and students. 

“We are proud of our students for bringing this to our attention so that administrators and the Troy Police Department could respond,” Dixon said.